Finding a high-paying and fulfilling job at 17 isn’t that easy. While you have a wider variety of options available than just a year ago, you also may want to think more about the way the job affects your future.

To begin with, you may have to fill out some paperwork, depending on your state. Visit the website of the U.S. Department of Labor for more information on the topic or ask your high school guidance counselor.

22 Jobs for 17-Year-Olds

Where do the majority of teens work?

Here’re the most popular choices:

  • accommodation and food services (from restaurant chains like Pizza Hut or Papa John’s to hotels like Marriott, Hyatt or Accor)
  • retail trade (like Walmart, Costco or Kroger)
  • art, entertainment, and recreation
  • construction
  • health care

You may find a variety of jobs for teens on some of the most popular websites: Snagajob and

Ice cream scooper

Friendly, fast, attentive to detail, an excellent team player – all these will make you a great ice cream scooper. You’ll work shifts and will have to reach, bend, and stoop frequently.

Juice/smoothie shop cashier

In a way, this type of work is similar to the one listed above. Even if you don’t possess prior experience, you’ll become an expert in just a week or two.

Online delivery (retail, fast food, UberEats driver)

Online delivery

All you need is a car and enough time for delivering groceries or other products. More and more employers are hiring workers for online delivery, including Instacart, and Kroger, to name just a few. In some companies, you both prepare and deliver orders, while in others you may choose whether you want to deliver products or work in store filling bags. To find jobs of this type, use the term “eCommerce associate.”


Busser job

If you’re not afraid of monotonous jobs and working on your feet a lot, you may try this one. Your main responsibility will be to clear the tables at a restaurant.

Car wash attendant

Car wash attendant job

While many car washes are automated, they still require a human being to guide the vehicles onto the tracks and ring people up. Also, there’re still quite a few businesses where you will be physically washing and drying the exterior of cars.

Grocery store worker

Grocery store worker job

Many people think that the role of a grocery store bagger suits teens best. Yet, retail chains prefer to hire teens for other positions, like working at the bakery, overseeing self-service, or running the cash register.



This is typically a summer job choice, which gives you a chance to work on your tan while performing your key responsibilities. Although you may have extremely dangerous and stressful moments, for most of the time, these responsibilities are more routine and may include treating the pool with chemicals regularly, maintaining a clean environment in and around the pool, providing swimming lessons, and monitoring pool-related activities.

A teen who wants to work as a lifeguard needs to be a strong swimmer and trained in CPR/AED first aid (classes available at American Red Cross). Also, you’ll need to go through a background check.

The pay varies from about $10 per hour (a standard swimming pool) to almost $20 per hour (a lake, a beach or a water park).



One of the highest-paying jobs for teens. While the national average hourly rate is $20, a high school student tutor is often paid $30 to $40 an hour or even more if he has particular accomplishments in certain subjects.

English Tutor online

There’re millions of students around the world looking to improve their English speaking skills. If you’re a native speaker capable of turning up online on time, then you might be the person they’re looking for.

There are quite a few websites and apps matching native English tutors with students around the world (Preply and English Tutors Live, to name just a few). Many have strict age requirements or want their tutors to hold a bachelor’s degree or above. However, there’re still several reputable companies where you can find students at 17.

Depending on how serious you’re about teaching and making your hourly rate higher, you may be interested in getting TEFL certification. While such certificates aren’t obligatory for tutors and they may be costly, they increase your chances of attracting more students.


Babysitting job

Have you ever tried making quick cash while looking after and playing with kids? You may start asking your neighbors – it’s very likely you’ll find parents interested in hiring you.

Consider creating an account on For teens aged between 14 and 17, you need your parents’ approval of your account.

To make your chances (and of course per hour rate!) higher, you may look into a CPR, first aid, or child care certification classes or read a book on the topic. Some of the possible choices include «The Babysitter’s Handbook» by Harriet Brown and «Don’t Sit on the Baby!: The Ultimate Guide to Sane, Skilled, and Safe Babysitting» by Halley Bondy.

80% of families claimed they are ready to pay more those teenage babysitters who are trained in child care, according to a survey carried out by the Red Cross.

Movie theater cashier

Some of your customer service-related responsibilities will include printing tickets, answering all sorts of questions about the movies and company policies, selling food and beverage items, directing customers to the appropriate theaters, etc.

Freelance technical talent

Those who are lucky to possess in-demand skills and are eager to turn them into cash can start by creating a profile on Upwork and bidding for the projects they like. If you don’t feel confident enough, you may try going with online video tutorials that will help you make a quick start.

While choosing the path for you, take into consideration both your natural talents and lists of the most in-demand specialists. Today, some of the most in-demand freelance skills include Blockchain, Java development, marketing, web design, and graphic design.

Watch out for scams. Getting advice from a person who is already a successful freelancer will be beneficial.

Computer-related and Internet-related jobs

Through websites like Upwork, you may find quite a few jobs utilizing your hobbies and skills, from transcriptionist, social media specialist, and video game tester to Internet researcher. Also, you may start earning money by doing videos for YouTube or blogging if you feel your writing or photos are good enough.


As with most jobs, the biggest secret to success is just getting enough practice – both in terms of taking photos and post-production editing. A decent camera and camera equipment are also essential. To make your work look professional, you’ll need at least a short photography course, which can be completed online.

Pet groomer

Pet groomer job

While some pet groomer schools won’t let you enroll earlier than 18 years old, others are more lenient when it comes to the student’s age and will accept you at 16 or 17 (with your parent’s or legal guardian’s approval).

It’s possible to work in a grooming salon without a certificate, but having taken a course, you’ll get the credentials you need to take on more responsibility (and earn more).

Golf caddy

Golf Caddy

You can start this job at 14 as a trainee and get promoted through several ranks over time. With the basic hourly rate of $20-$30, a caddy can typically double this sum due to the tips.

While there’re five steps in the ranking system, many local clubs only divide their caddies between “B” caddies (they are usually younger and in most cases carry one bag) and “A” caddies (in most cases, they are older and carry two bags).

More idea$

  • the job of a library page includes comparatively simple responsibilities that require attention and thoroughness, like shelf reading
  • farm hand (planting, maintenance, harvest, and delivery of crops)
  • movie theater worker
  • game room attendant at a bowling alley
  • ice skating rink attendant
  • front desk receptionist (at a spa, salon or hotel)
  • ice-cream scooper.