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Cashiers perform a number of duties at a Home Depot and play an important role in the completion of daily tasks and duties. This company presents the interested candidates an online platform to submit job application and get a call for the job interview.

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Duties of a cashier at this company:

Some of the roles that are related to the cashiers working at this company are mentioned as under:

  1. Helping out the customers who visit the company outlet with finalizing the products and purchasing these products after answering their questions related to the products.
  2. Operating the cash register in order to add or remove any records after making bills for the customers.
  3. Operating the credit card machines so that customers may get facilitated by paying the bills using credit cards or debit cards.
  4. Cashiers are also responsible for answering the questions and address the problems of customers related to company policies and regulations regarding the purchase and return policies of products.
  5. The customers are also provided help related to process of purchasing and getting a product at this company by the cashiers.
  6. Some of the other tasks that can be a part of duties assigned to cashiers include the job of stocking different items in shelves, organizing the products in their required places, cleaning the store in order to maintain the hygienic environment of the company outlet and planning and performing different tasks as a part of team in the managerial department.
  7. Making sure that all the customers are satisfied with the products and services offered at this company.

Details About Salary And Included Benefits:

Being an entry level job position, cashiers can get a maximum amount of $10 at the start of their job this amount may increase with the passage of time and addition of experience in their professional life as a cashier. Some of the benefits that are offered to all the entry level candidates having a minimum wage job are:

  1. Discount at the products offered by this company
  2. Subscription for the insurance plans of different types such as vision, dental and life insurance
  3. Getting enrolled in the retirement plans such as 401(k) benefits
  4. Medical insurance in case of accidents and many other financial benefits

Interview Of An Experienced Cashier:

One of the cashiers working at this company was interviewed in order to share the experience with other interested candidates. She answer the questions as follows:

  1. How do you explain the environment of the company outlet?

Answer: I like the overall environment because the company’s higher management makes sure to pay special attention to their lower staff members and team members working at the store.

  1. What are your comments regarding the interviewing procedure and the application process?

Answer: I filled a printed out application form at the company outlet. I submitted this information at that outlet and a hiring manager interviewed me. After the first interview, I was called for a second one with a different hiring manager. The third interview was orientation of a group where they offered us guide lines related to the company.