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Hibbett sports offers a number of sports related goods and products to its customers at retail prices. This company has a head quarter located in Alabama, US. The company has its outlets at more than 830 different locations which are present in more than 25 different states of the country. It came into being in the year 1945 and has created an image of reliable company that offers excellent sports facilities for its customers. This company was able to generate revenue of about $907 million as recorded in the year 2011.

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How To Get Through The Interview:

Hibbett presents the interested candidates ability to apply for the job opportunities using two different methods which are submission of the application using online careers portal of the company and submission of the application by visiting the company outlet and handing over the printed application form. After this submission, the qualified candidates are contacted for the interviewing process.

Tips For Getting Selected At The Interview:

Some of the tips and tricks to have greater chances of selection compared to other candidates during the interview are mentioned as under:

  1. Dressing up for the interview in a professional manner
  2. Going for the interview at the specified time or five minutes before the specified time
  3. Greeting the hiring team before and after the interview and following up after the interview
  4. Preparing for the interview questions that are generally asked during an interviewing process
  5. Getting prepared for multiple number of interviews
  6. Be convincing while conveying different ideas and suggestions
  7. Being polite and positive regarding the professional experience
  8. Showing interest and enthusiasm related to job and having a body language which encourages the hiring team for considering you as a quality candidate

General Questions Asked During Interviewing Process:

Some of the questions that are generally asked during an interviewing process are mentioned as under:

  1. Do you have any skills related to the sales department that make you different from the other applicants?
  2. What are the unique abilities due to which you think we should hire you?
  3. What are your weaknesses as a professional?
  4. What would be your response in case if there are a lot of customers in the store and you receive a call from a customer?
  5. How do you handle stressful and fast paced situations?
  6. How would you handle a case in which one of your co workers is caught while stealing something from the company’s property?
  7. What is your definition of a perfect professional working at a firm?
  8. How do you work as a team leader and will you be able to perform your duties as a team member in case if coordination is required from you?
  9. How would you advise a customer regarding the sports shoes that are displayed in the racks?

In addition to these questions, the interviewing procedure may consist of technical aspects of job and related questions in case if the candidates are applying for a higher level position.