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Career with AFLAC is simply more than a job. We are committed to treat our employees like a family, providing supportive environment with great opportunities and benefits along with competitive salaries. Aflac is dedicated to create and sustain environment of work and culture of company where all works of our diverse workforce can provide their best.

At AFLAC there are unlimited opportunities to foster career. We provide various resources to succeed including online tools, commission and payments. As an agent of AFLAC you are your own boss. You can manage your time to work and play better role as we help our clients or customers live confidently.

If you are interested to work at AFLAC then visit career portal and submit your job application through online application system. Which is quite simple and easy, being an applicant explore all sections and find one department which suits with your qualification and expertise. Once you have got that look up for available job positions and apply for any one. Make sure you must have candidate profile before applying for job.

Start your career:

AFLAC is providing various open positions every year. To start your career you are supposed to explore all departments and available position on career platform of AFLAC. Access career portal twice in a week to find your dream position. Some available posts are given below.

  1. Independent Agent
  2. Sales Representative
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. Retail Sales Associate
  5. Benefits Consultant
  6. Entry Level Account Manager
  7. Sales Agent
  8. Administrative Assistant

How To Find Job?

You need to keep following things in hand in order to find job at career portal.


  1. You need to have a computer with internet connection
  2. You must have a profile on AFLAC Career web page.
  3. You have to keep your resume in hand.

Step by Step Instructions:

You are supposed to follow given below instructions to find your dream job online.

  1. First of all you have to turn on your computer system and open internet explorer to access web page. Input official URL of website in address bar and hit the button of “Enter”
  2. Link of website is given here
  3. You need to click on button of “Search job” located on top left side of web page.
  4. This click will bring another window in front of you, where you have to provide required information to make a quick search.
  5. Enter job number in given field of text along with keyword which will explain the nature of job.
  6. Select your job field from given list containing options of Client services, Finance, corporate etc.
  7. Furthermore, you have to specify your location and click on button of “Search”
  8. You will be redirected to list of available jobs matching with your criteria. Give a look to all jobs and find any one which suits you best in all terms.
  9. Read all description of job with great care to decide that either you are eligible for this job or not.
  10. If you are eligible for post click on button of “Apply” located at the top of web page.
  11. To submit your job application you have to sign in to your account else register yourself first.

Important interview Questions:

Here some important interview questions are given which will help you to prepare for interview.

  1. Tell us something about you?
  2. Do you have any related experience?
  3. Have you ever been charged with any insurance crime?
  4. Why you are looking for this job?
  5. What other languages you can speak?
  6. Why do you want to work with us?
  7. What are your interests about Aflac?
  8. How good is your attention to detail?
  9. What are the economic factors that plays a biggest role in Aflac success?
  10. Why you are here today and what is something unique about you?
  11. How flexible you are in terms of relocation?
  12. What salary do you expect from us?
  13. Do you have any past experience?
  14. In which type of position are you interested?
  15. What kind of personality traits are essential to work in this section?
  16. Are you interested in staying at this company after graduation?
  17. Why are you interested in sales and earning commission?
  18. What motivates you?
  19. What are your goals?
  20. What are your professional strengthens and weakness?

Salaries Review:

The average Aflac annual salary ranges $15000 for the post of sales person and $330000 for the post of sales representative at entry level. Further salary graph is given below.

Job TitleAnnual Salaries
Independent Agent$40,000
Sales Representative$45,517
Customer Service Representative$32,000
Retail Sales Associate$31,429
Benefits Consultant$43,926
Entry Level Account Manager$146,890
Sales Agent$29,000
Administrative Assistant$28,200
Account Manager$51,000
Accounting Specialist II$31,000
Claims Specialist$31,000
Insurance Producer$25,000
Licensed Agent$40,000
Accounting Specialist III$36,000
Independent Representative$35,000
Office Administrator$35,000

Benefits and Incentives

AFLAC is offering different incentives and bonuses besides salary, these benefits are designed to improve personal and professional life standard of employees. Regular and part time job holders can avail benefits according to their position scale.

  1. Health Insurance program
  2. Life Insurance Program
  3. Dental Insurance program
  4. Health Saving Account
  5. Dependent care
  6. Pension program
  7. Vision Insurance plan
  8. Retirement program
  9. 401k plan
  10. Maternity leaves
  11. Family Medical leaves
  12. Tuition Assistance program
  13. Professional Support
  14. Training regarding jobs
  15. Paid holidays sick leaves
  16. Paid time off
  17. Employee discount program
  18. Saving Account
  19. Bonus on performance
  20. Legal Support


It is a popular company especially among job seekers as it is providing excellent opportunities of career all over the year. It is offering best salary packages with attractive incentives and inducements. Beside work, it provides lunch to employees along with flexible hours of working and great team to coordinate with each other in secure environment.