Aldi careers portal presents the job seekers an online portal for applying for a number of job opportunities which can be pursued by submitting an application online and going through the interviewing procedure which is conducted by the company recruitment team. This career portal can be accessed by going through the steps which are mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official career website of Aldi which is given at the address mentioned below
  2. There are two categories in which you can apply for the career opportunities which are:
    1. Store management and staff
    2. District managers

Click the “Learn more” button below the category which you want to view in further details.

  1. You can pursue a career in the category (a) by clicking the respective button. Click the “How to apply” button to view the details about application procedure. This button is located in the slide show of images displayed on top of the website.
  2. You can also view the profiles of employees and latest news related to the company. you can also view different upcoming events online by clicking the respective button on this web page.
  3. To apply as a manager trainee, store staff etc by clicking these options from the main menu bar.
  4. In case of applying in the second category which is category (b), view the details related to employees, news or the awards that this company has recently received.
  5. You can apply as a “District manager” by clicking this option from the main menu bar.
  6. Different internship programs can be pursued by visiting the respective portal from the menu in this category.
  7. You can also visit the details of locations where these job opportunities are provided in case if you want to view these details.
  8. For viewing the application procedure, click the “How to apply” button which is the last option in main menu bar.

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Internship programs:

In the internship related portal, you can view the detail of 10 weeks internship program which is presented by Aldi. The company presents a week by week schedule for the job seekers. In this program, the schedule in given as follows:

  1. The first two weeks would provide you training as a district manager
  2. Week 3 to week 5 would offer you professional exposure at the position of store manager
  3. During the weeks 6 and week 7, you will get the responsibilities of supervising junior staff members and observing their work.
  4. Internees will also work for gaining knowledge for handling different tasks independent from other team members during weeks 8 and 9.
  5. In the last week which is week 10, you will deal directly with the directors and presidents of the outlet of Aldi where you are working. During this week, your overall performance will be evaluated by senior members and you can get a permanent job in case if you are qualified for it according to the senior staff members.

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