Aldi is one of the most famous chains of supermarket in which has more than 9000 different stores in about 18 countries all over the world. The company started offering its services in the year 1946 and has a head quarter based in Germany. The company presents a number of discount rates products in its chain of markets. It was able to generate revenue of about 53 billion Euros as noted down in the year 2009. The company has its outlets at more than 9500 different locations. Currently, the position of CEO is owned by Matthew Barnes.

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Job Opportunities Of Cashiers In The Company:

You can apply for the job opportunities as a cashier on the Aldi official web portal by going to the career portal of this page. The fresh applicants having no experience can also apply for the job opportunities on this web page. Some of the behavioral strengths that are expected from a cashier are given below:

  1. Being polite and answering all the customers in a courteous and kind way
  2. Being friendly and making bills for the customers while having a smile on the face
  3. Greeting the customers in a kind and professional manner and leaving a good impression so that the customers may visit the outlets of this company more often
  4. Answering all the complaints and solving the problems for customers

In addition to these skills in the behavior of the applicants, they are also responsible for fulfilling certain tasks and duties during their working hours. Some of these duties are:

  1. Making the bills for customers who have shopped at the Aldi outlets
  2. Scanning different items and adding them in the check out lists
  3. Making transactions on sales of all the items
  4. Operating the conveyor belts and other electronic equipment
  5. Some of the cashiers may get a responsibility of cleaning the shelves and other areas in the outlets
  6. Screening the ID cards which are image based in order to make the purchases and packing those purchased items

Note that these jobs are offered for entry level and fresh candidates but the experienced candidates are preferred over other candidates. The candidates are generally observed whether they have friendly behavior and have an age of 18 years or more.

Salary packages and benefits:

The employees who have the job of cashiers are offered a minimum wage of $11.75 per unit hour in case of having no experience. With the passage of time, they are offered a raise in their pay on annual basis. In addition to the hourly pay, employees also get a number of benefits which are mentioned below:

  1. Medical coverage for all the employees and health care facilities. This includes a number of benefits such as visual and dental coverage as well as insurance of injuries.
  2. Retirement plans and getting a number of coverage plans after completing the period of job
  3. Basic life insurance benefits for all the candidates
  4. Paid vacations and off timings for all the employees. The number of vacations and off hours may vary from one person to another and from one location to another.

Interview with a cashier:

Some of the questions that were asked from a cashier working at Aldi are given below in order to provide an experience to the applicants about this job:

  1. What were the questions that you faced while submitting the job application and during the interviewing procedure?

Answer: I filled in my personal as well as professional details in the application form. It also asked me whether I have an age group to be eligible for this job. The interviewing procedure consisted of questions like availability during different shifts, the time period for which I needed the job, location where I was willing to work etc.

  1. What are the unique qualities that make you different from other applicants?

Answer: I am a consistent person and I keep doing a job until I complete a task.

  1. What is your advice for other people who are seeking employment in this company?

Answer: keep trying and applying until you get a job. Be punctual and persistent and don’t lose heart while working. Be friendly to other people and staff members and love your job.