Petco which is an American retailer who deals in the selling of pets and the products regarding them. Its business is not confined to the pets and its products only but they also provide services of grooming of the pets and the dog training to assist its customers. Pets which are a part of the business of Petco are fish, reptiles, small birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice. The main corporate offices of Petco are in San Diego and San Antonio. Petco has been selling its products and providing services to its customers by expanding its business to above 1300 stores which are located at different parts of United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


If you are interest in the job, you can apply for it online through its career page where Petco allows anyone to apply for the desired job which is given bellow. Before hiring a cashier the company wants to find some qualities in him so that a qualified and deserving candidate can get the job and serve the company.

  • A cashier needs to be a person who likes helping others and always talks happily as he has to interact with the customers.
  • His minimum age should be 16 years
  • If you have completed your high school studies, it would help you more in getting the job at Petco.
  • Along with the communication skills, a cashier needs to have mathematical skills as well because he always have cash with him and he should be efficient enough to free customers quickly and without any error as thee can be many customers at a time on the store.
  • He should love pets and if he has know-how about the pets and their grooming, you can get better chances of job than the other applicants.
  • Computer skills are required as the cashiers have to sit in front of the computers now to record all the transactions.

Job Description:

  • Cashier at Petco has to deal with the cash. Every customers after shopping comes to the cashier therefore it is the part of his duties that the customer leaves the store in a satisfied way.
  • He has to maintain computerized cash register in which record of all the payments is made.
  • Other duties which a cashier has to perform are processing of returns and exchanges, receiving the calls of the customers.
  • Cashier also deals with the issues of the customers. He must be available for his customers to resolve their issues whenever they are having any problems.
  • If the customers have some queries about the product and its services the Petco cashier will be responsible of responding the customers and answering their queries.
  • Sometimes, schedule of duty can be changed so it is also his responsibility to be available at any time required from him by the company.

Salaries and Benefits:

  • A cashier at Petco generally starts the job at minimum hourly wage rate which is later increased up to $8.00 and may be $9.00 depending on the performance and experience of the employee.
  • Cashier can also be promoted after some time if he performs beyond the expectation and can lead to get a better position at the company with better pay and benefits.
  • A cashier can avail some tempting benefits along with the salary as well. These benefits may include;
  • Work Schedules which may be flexible
  • Opportunity to get on-job training which may also be online and advancement in the career.
  • Discounts on the products of Petco
  • Full time employment can get them more benefits like retirement plans, life and health insurance etc.
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