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Smoothie King provides the opportunity to apply for the jobs online through its webpage which can be easily done by any interested candidate by following simple steps. Smoothie King offers jobs at different positions like cashier, Team member, and Team leaders at different shifts (day and night), Financial Analyst, Human Resource Co-coordinator, General Manager and Assistant Manager. Apart from corporate level jobs, other workers have to interact with the public directly, that is why Smoothie King is looking for the employees who can create and maintain good relationship with others through their behavior.

How to Apply for Job:

The steps which are required to be followed to apply for job are as follows;

  • Visit the website of Smoothie King which is given bellow. Here at the bottom you may find the careers. By clicking on it career portal will open where the company has made available the opportunity to apply for the job.
  • In the first option which is under the heading of Job Listings, you can enter the keywords of the jobs which are opened.
  • Select the category in which you are searching the job like marketing, HR, accounting etc.
  • Location will be selected where the job is being searched. You can also look into by entering the zip code. If you select the option “All”, it will give you all the available positions in every area where the Smoothie King franchises are located.
  • After selecting the required options to find the job in your area, Click on “Search” button.
  • Select the job tittle which you want to apply for and will be suitable for you according to you qualification. In the next page you will see information written about the job and the requirements of the job which company is looking in to employees to apply.
  • Duties and responsibilities which will be assigned to you are given as well. Read them thoroughly so that you should know about them well which would also help you later in the interview for the job.
  • Click on “Apply for this job online” if you want to apply for it.
  • You need to follow few steps to apply. In the first step click on “Create Profile and Apply”.
  • A form will open where you will give your personal information like name, address, phone number and resume will be uploaded as well. This information is actually provided to create your Login Id as you will give your username and a password too.
  • After entering all the information you will see another detailed form in which you will be asked provide detailed information about your education and any previous work experience.
  • Filling out that application form, you may either submit it by clicking on the “Submit” button or if you want to apply some other time, you may click on another button ”Save & Return Later”.
  • If you submit the application form, in the next page you will confirm that your age is above 18 and you are legally allowed to work in US. Clicking on “Submit” again will take you to another page where you will give you gender and race and submit that too.
  • Now you have completed you process of job application at Smoothie King. You can now log out any time.
  • If you need any further help, you can click on “Application FAQ” to see frequently asked questions about the job applications for the Smoothie King. This option will be there for you on every step of the application process.

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