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During your job you may face a situation when any of your coworkers ask you to do his work and you are either not interested in doing that or you do not have much time to deal with other’s work. It is not easy to decline that person and say that you cannot do his work. You need to use some tactics to say no to him.

Wait For Him To Speak

When a coworker comes to you and saying something regarding his work, you should wait for him to complete what he wants to say. You may know about the person that he always asks others the same thing but despite of that you should not say no quickly rather you should listen to him.

Do Not Say No Suddenly

Instead of saying a direct no, you should keep it simple and give the reason very shortly which would mean a decline in a kind way rather a straight decline.

Show Respect To Him

The decline should not be in a disrespectful manner. Although it will be disappointing for him to get a no from you but it is necessary for you to be polite with him and show that you are not happy being not able to help him.

Stick To Your Decision

Once you have declined another worker’s work, you should remain firm on your decision. If you change your decision after that, it will not be considered a serious gesture from you and even you will be forced too much to do other’s work in the future as you have shown to everyone that you deny but you would accept that at the end of the discussion.

Be Honest

Do not lie with him, it is better to tell him truly the reason of not helping even the reason is straightforward that you do not want to actually help him. You can think of a diplomatic way to say that same thing but lying will cause you lose your credibility.

Get Ready For The Negative Response From Him

You may even come in a hostile situation if he gets annoyed with you after your refusal. He may create problems for you in future as well during work. In that condition it is up to you that how well do you behave and act.

You Future With Him

You may not be able to get any kind of help from him in the future whenever you require due to your refusal despite of your need to be of different nature but still you may not be in a position ask that person because he will not be willing to help you even if he likes to be available for others at the time of need.

Your Responsibility Is Doing Your Own Tasks

You are in the office to perform your own tasks and it is not the part of your duty to do the work of your co-workers. So, you do not need to worry about that. If you are in a position to assist others easily, then you should that but it is not an obligation for you to do so and you can avoid the anger of your coworker by explaining your valid reason.