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After applying for any job, if the company considers you capable of that job, the next step for you is the interview for that job. You need to be well prepared for the interview so that you may exceed their expectations. It is up to you that how do you make an impression over the recruiter. You can apply some useful tips to manage it in a better way.

Always Be On Time

It is very important for you reach on time and instead of giving excuses, you must plan to remove all the hurdles before coming to the interview. If you do not know about the place exactly, then try to figure it out a day before. You should also not go very early as it would show that you are very desperate for the job and you will be a compromising person without much negotiation for the salary. So try to reach your destination 10 to 20 minutes before the specified time.

Research The Company

Before the interview you must prepare yourself to answer about the company, its main function, history and the offices. It will show that you have interest in working for the company and this will give you an edge over other applicants in the interview. Prior knowledge of the company and its current issues would help you.

Dress Properly

You must have the business casual dressing for the interview. It will be better if you try to know the culture of the office earlier and figure out that what is worn there. It will make you look like them which will also show that you have learned the culture and environment of the office.

Answers Regarding Company

When you are asked questions in the interview, you must try to reply them and relate them with the problems and issues companies are facing. If you start giving solutions of the issues, this will show that you are very keen in working for the company and solving the problems and for that you already have knowledge which means you will require less time for the learning as well.

Do Not Show Desperateness For The Job

Show your enthusiasm for the work during the interview but that enthusiasm should be at moderate level. Never show that you are desperate for the job. Yes he should know that you are interested in the job but do not let him know that you have only one interview. So always try to find an adequate level of your energy and excitement to show the hiring person.

Previous Employer

When you are asked about the previous employer or a current employer you are working for, do not criticize him or use any bad words about him. Even if he asks you any that what are the things you do not like about him, never say anything. Instead, tell him the positive things and the things which you have learned under him. Just try to change that negative question into a positive answer about your employer.

Thank You Note

After the interview, send a thank you note to your employer. It is a better option to send a real note rather than an electronic one. It will make you prominent among the others in the competition.