Baskin Robbins hires the selected candidates who go through a hiring procedure. This hiring procedure consists of filling an employment form and short listing the required candidates for the interviewing process. The interviews are then carried out with the help of recruitment team. The interviews may be carried out with the help of a single hiring manager who asks a number of questions from the candidates and selects the ones who perform well enough. Interviews can also be conducted with the help of a panel of hiring managers who observe the personality of candidates as well as their knowledge related to the post for which they have applied.

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Tips And Tricks To Impress Your Interviewer:

You can leave a good impression on your interviewer by following some of the tips which are mentioned below:

  1. Show that you are enthusiastic and have genuine interest in the mentioned job opening.
  2. Mention your skills regarding the job vacancy for which you have applied and also mention your level of experience related to this post.
  3. The company is mainly interested in the number of extra hours off the schedule for which you are available since they can use your help in case of emergency or on weekends.
  4. Convince the interviewer about your qualities and the uniqueness as an employee which they can only find in you and not in any other candidate.
  5. Present yourself as a good judge and have strong and excellent personality to promote yourself as a quality candidate for the post.
  6. Have excellent communication skills and speak in such a way that the interviewers get convinced about your excellent behavior with the customers.
  7. Present yourself in the best possible way by dressing up in a professional and formal way for the interview.
  8. Be confident while answering the questions asked during the interview.
  9. Be professional and provide concise answers for all the questions asked during this process.
  10. Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer and be honest while answering different questions.
  11. A prior knowledge about the interviewing environment would be helpful for you to answer questions in a more comfortable way.
  12. Maintain a good body language and do not present your weaknesses during the interview.

General Questions Asked During An Interview:

The above mentioned tips are helpful but are not the complete way for you to get the required job at this company. The most important thing is to have a little background knowledge of the company to answer the questions asked by the interviewer and a detailed view about the job. Some of the questions that are generally asked by the interviewers are given below:

  1. Why do you want to work at this job position?
  2. What do you expect from the company?
  3. How would you respond to any challenges or problems during the job?
  4. What is your salary expectation?
  5. If an angry customer comes and complaints about the services offered by you or your colleagues, what would be your response?
  6. For how many hours will you be available per unit day?
  7. Demonstrate your serving skills while considering one of us as a customer who has ordered an ice cream.
  8. What would be your reaction in case if you catch any of your colleagues stealing from the store?
  9. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

An Interview With The Baskin Robbins Cashier:

One of the employees working at Baskin Robbins was interviewed to offer a detailed look into the life at this company as an employee and to guide the applicants to get more jobs. Some of the questions asked during this interview are given below:

  1. Discuss your job title and the responsibilities that were handed over to you during this job.

Answer: I worked as a cashier and a clerk at this BR. I get to the ice cream parlor early in the morning and open it up for the customers, I clean up the dirty places etc. I also make smoothies, serve ice creams and make bills for the customers. In addition to these tasks, I also have to make the required ice cream desserts and dishes if higher authorities ask me to do so.

  1. How would you describe your surrounding environment at work?

Answer: Everyone coordinates and cooperates with each other life a family member. We have to work at a fast pace to entertain all the customers so mostly we help each other out to satisfy the customers in time.

  1. Discuss the details of the hiring procedure.

Answer: I submitted the job application and I was called for the interview. I was nervous because I haven’t had a lot of interviews previously but the interviewer relaxed me and asked me a few very simple and general questions.

  1. What were the questions that were asked from you during the interview?
Answer: The most important question that an interviewer asks is about the way you handle situations in case if you are pressurized or have an angry customer. Interviewers also try to evaluate your abilities as a responsible employee and your abilities to perform different tasks all at a time. You have to prove your abilities by discussing some of your past experiences or your performance during previous jobs.
  1. What are your suggestions for the job seekers out there who are looking to join Baskin Robbins team?

Answer: Evaluate your abilities as an employee and be confident in what you have. In this way, you will be able to present yourself in front of the interviewers in a far better way than others. This company offers excellent opportunity for entry level candidates who study at college or high school at want to earn a few dollars as well. The company is also known to be one of the best in the market so make sure you are able to perform all the tasks offered to you during the job.