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Batch and body works is a U.S. based company which presents its customers a number of beauty products and cosmetics such as shower gels, perfumes, scented candles and many other products. All of these products are available on retail prices. The company also offers its products on promotional and discount offers as well where a specified set of products are provided on discount rates. This company started offering its products and services in the year 1990 and has achieved successful status in maintaining the quality of its products as well as the reliability of its services for its customers. The company was able to generate revenue of about $2.285 billion as recorded in the year 2006.

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Job Opportunities At Batch And Body Works:

Some of the job openings for which the interested candidates may apply using the online careers portal of this company are given below:

  1. Sales associate (permanent as well as temporary positions)
  2. Store manager
  3. Assistant manager
  4. Cashier
  5. Designer
  6. Customer sales lead/ sales leader
  7. Stock associate and many more

You can apply for these job openings submitting a job application online or by printing out the application form and submitting it at an outlet of your choice after writing all the details here. The candidates may get interview calls for a number of interviews which can be taken from the candidates by four different methods:

  1. Interview on phones
  2. Interview in person (one on one)
  3. Interview in person (multiple recruitment team members)
  4. Group interview (multiple candidates interviewed at the same time)

Expected Questions During The Interview:

The interviewers mainly observe the ability of candidates to sell and present the products to the customers. Some of the expected tasks or questions that can be tested during the interviewing process are given below:

  1. Pick one of the B&B products and present it to me as a sales man. Demonstrate its advantages and plus points.
  2. How would you rate your ability to handle different customers and selling products to them?
  3. What would be your response in case if you catch someone lifting products from the shop?
  4. How would you manage if you handed over responsibilities within a team? Comment on your abilities to divide tasks as a team member and management skills as a team leader.
  5. Are you available to work on weekends and off timings?
  6. If a customer gets angry while shopping or has some complaint, how would you handle the situation?

In addition to these questions, the interviewers may also ask the customers regarding their knowledge about the company and its products. Make sure that you have prior knowledge about these products and have know-how about the policies of this company.

Training Facilities By The Company:

B&B trains the selected candidates for working efficiently at the outlets of this company. The on job experience can also greatly increase the ability of an employee to sell products. The salary of a B&B sales man depend on number of daily sales that he makes since he has a percentage share in the profit of each sale. The share in terms of percentage may increase with the passage of time and gradual increase in the level of his experience.