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Best Buy is world’s most famous and longest multi-channel electronic goods retailer store. You can find its store in United State, Canada, Mexico and Europe at different location where company is facilitating its millions of customers with its good services. Company is dealing with 1.6 billion customers on daily bases on its store and online website and they have talented and energetic team of 165,000 employees. All employees are committed to perform excellent performance for every task, and company is helping them with the advance technology solutions to provide them value and making easy for them to access customers to deal with them efficiently.

Company has opened its hiring service to fulfill its workforce need on it day to day growth. If you are willing to join this world’s famous retailing store then company is welcoming you with open hands to join their team.

Why To Join ?

There are so many reasons to join this company and to keep it on your priority. If you believe in your skills and talent then you are perfect for this place and best buy company is only looking for workers who are passionate towards their professional career. They are providing diverse career plans that help your to choose your work in which you feel comfortable and happy.

Explore Your Career Area:

If you going to apply here for job then you can here choose your career areas to choose the best position in this company

  • Retail Career
  • Distribution
  • Logistic Career
  • Corporate Career

How To Apply Online?

If you are going to apply for job here then you can follow this simple method for applying job here.

  • Use this link to approach online applying method here.
  • You can now see the career areas on the main page with the yellow buttons.
  • Choose the right button for your right career and see the available jobs.
  • On the next page you can see the heading “Search Openings “ and “Submit resume/CV” if you want to search job then click on the first link.
  • For advance search enter keywords, brand, job category, job level, location number.
  • As you will provide all details like date posted , language of job Ad then click on the button “Search”
  • You can see the results for all available seats here. You can click on any job link and you can see job details like job requirement, applying criteria and deadline information.
  • Click on the button “Apply Now” and login to your account to submit your CV.

Application Process:

After applying online you will be called or emailed within two or three days for the interview. You have to visit the given location with your all necessary documents for the interview there.

Important interview Questions:

Be prepared for your best buy job interview because they are going to ask you tricky question that can make your confuse so, you should be ready to give them answers with full of confidence and with professional attitude.

  1. How would you contribute with us?
  2. Any project in your worked so hard and achieved any reward by previous company.
  3. What would be your reaction by seeing someone stealing from the store?
  4. What are your salary expectations with us?
  5. Tell us about your availability?
  6. Any working history? What were your duties?
  7. Two qualities of your last boss?
  8. Why you left your last job?
  9. What you will do if you will be having any complaint with us?
  10. What is your future plan?

Salary Review:

Everyone looks for good salary package to improve their lifestyles, and this is a major reason behind workers left the job. Best buy is providing best salaries along with the benefits.

Job PostsAnnual Salaries
Customer Service Representative$21,840
Sales Consultant$21,500
Sales Representative$21,000
Asset Protection Associate$23,000 
Sales Lead$26,000

Employee Benefits:

Best buy employee are not only getting competitive salaries but they are getting competitive benefits and advantages. Employees can find discount on every offers, promotions and products available at the stores. Company is providing best 401 K plan for securing their future. Every worker will get training classes before taking up all duty responsibilities.

  • Health Insurance
  • Financial & Retirement
  • Family & Parenting
  • Vacation & Time Off
  • Professional Support