Now that you’re 14, you’ve got a significant advantage in comparison with younger kids. The list of jobs that you may apply for have grown way longer. Still, there’re a couple of important restrictions you need to take into account. Knowing them will make your search easier as you’ll be able to instantly cross out the options that don’t fit your age.

Best Jobs Available for 14-Year-Old Teens

To begin with, you’re not allowed to work more than three (or four, in some states) hours a day on a school day and eight hours a day on a non-school day. The number of working hours per week is typically limited to 18 (if it’s a school week) or 40 (if it’s a non-school week, for instance, during the summer vacation or on a school holiday). Moreover, there’re time limits (typically, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.).

The figures above are the country’s average. They may slightly vary from one state to another. The list of jobs also varies. That’s why you may want to consult your state’s child labor laws.

One way to find a job you will enjoy is to consider working at places you like to spend time, from movie theatre to the beach. And yet, when you land a job there, it may turn out that you’ll get bored by this place eventually. In any case, the experience will be pretty valuable.

Such sites as Snagajob and Monster get decent results for online jobs for teenagers.

Library page

Your primary responsibilities will include sorting and shelving books, newspapers, magazines, etc. as well as shelf-reading (reading each call number and making sure that books are put at the right places). Packing and unpacking will also be among your duties. As of 2019, the salary was around $14.00 per hour. While some libraries list 14 as the minimum age for a library page, others claim they need workers older than 18.

Social media assistant

Working with social media is among the jobs you can find on Upwork. You may begin as an assistant for an experienced social media specialist and eventually take freelance projects on your own.

Lawn mowing

Lawn mowing teen

While this is a popular and seemingly easy job, there’re a couple of points you need to keep in mind before actually taking the task. First, decide whether you’re going to use your equipment or that of the employer. Also, you may need an emergency container of gas, if you’re working with a gas-powered lawn-mower.


Babysitter teen

This type of job is one of the most popular and easy to find for teens. And yet, it doesn’t fit anyone. If you consider yourself patient and reliable, if you don’t mind the responsibility that dealing with younger children suggests, then babysitting is an appropriate option for you.

Begin with people who live not far from you, preferably those you and your parents know well. As you’re already 14, you may start a parent-monitored account on, a website that matches caregivers with families looking for help (not only in child care but also in a variety of other responsibilities).

If you want to have an even wider choice, consider the Red Cross babysitting courses or any CPR certification classes. You don’t even have to travel far – some programs are available online. The good news is that with such a certification you may demand a higher per hour rate.


Tutor teen

Tutoring is among highest-paying jobs for 14-year-olds. While an online position could be more convenient, most online schools and websites for tutors will only let you sign in when you’re at least a couple of years older. Why not find other ways of advertising? You can put up flyers at a library or advertise yourself via Facebook.

Online surveys, reviewing music or games

There’s a variety of platforms where teens are welcome, from MusicXRay to Swagbucks and VIP Voice.

While reviewing music or taking part in surveys through such platforms can be very easy, it won’t provide you with tangible financial results. In some cases, you just get gift cards after several months of work. So, if you’re interested in quick cash, it may be a smart idea to steer clear of such platforms. This doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t gain money online provided you have enough patience and some skills to sell (or are motivated to develop these skills).

We recommend that you ask for your parents’ advice about any online work you consider. There’re a lot of scams promising much money but just taking your time without paying you anything.

Bake sale or lemonade stand

Bake sale or lemonade stand

It’s as simple as making cookies, finger foods, or drinks and selling them on the street corner. Although that’s a rather common idea, it still has its pros. Learning practical lessons about entrepreneurship is just one of them. Before starting the adventure, you may ask yourself, though:

  • is your neighborhood safe enough?
  • do you need licensing for this business?
  • where can you place your stand and what requirements to meet, so as not to have problems with the law? In some states, for instance, you need to place your stand on private property and shouldn’t make over $1,000.

Newspaper delivery

Newspaper delivery teen

Even though many papers and magazines have gone into the digital age and made their articles available online, some people still love to read an old-fashioned newspaper. You may become the person who brings the circulation to the reader’s front door. Keep in mind that usually, carriers work very early in the morning.

Freelance jobs

14 years old is the minimum age to sign up to Upwork. Create a profile detailing your skills. Even if you don’t have much experience, emphasize you’re willing to work and develop new skills.

Now, you just bid for the jobs that you feel you can do well (or learn to do well), from transcriptionist or video game tester to Internet researcher. Depending on your skills and reputation, you will be able to earn about $10 hourly over time and go higher if you can provide quality work.


If you have an inherent gift for making beautiful things, you may start selling them through an Etsy store or such platforms as Amazon Handmade. You may ask your parents’ help for setting up an online store and promoting it. Another way to sell handmade items is craft shows. Eventually, you will get custom orders and make personalized items.

Holiday-themed products

While those who are good at crafts will enjoy making holiday items, others can just choose the types of products that sell well during holiday time (dying kits before Easter, for instance). Your list may include Christmas-themed personalized mugs, mouse pads, serving boards, wine stoppers, homemade spice blends for the most popular holiday dishes, etc.

Golf Caddy

Golf Caddy teen

While you might have never thought of this occupation as an investment in your future, working as a golf caddy can provide you with great links. It’s typically a high-paying job, too.

In most local country clubs, junior caddies begin their work at 14 and carry one bag. As soon as they can carry two bags for 18 holes, their hourly pay reaches $20-$30. In addition to this, you will probably get tips, which can be twice as much as your salary.

Storytime for young children

If you don’t feel like babysitting but still want to spend time with kids, you may try starting storytime once or twice a week in your home. If moms want to come along, they should be welcome, but of course there’s no need to charge for them – only for the kid. As your “clients” will probably be from three to six years old, you will have to be creative when it comes to the entertainment part.

Make breaks for active games as children this age can’t sit still for more than half an hour (five minutes for some of them) – they need some running around or dancing. You may want to recruit your friend, sister or brother to entertain kids with puppets or flannel boards while you’re reading.

More idea$

  • cleaning houses – you’ll have to tackle simple but time-consuming jobs like vacuuming or dusting for an agreed-upon fee
  • maintaining pools – while simpler tasks include just cleaning the pool using a skimmer and suction cleaner, with time you may learn to treat the water with chemicals
  • washing and waxing cars, cleaning interior – you may increase your pay rate by adding extra services
  • at a homeowners’ meeting in your area, offer to keep the area in your subdivision clean for a small charge
  • painting fences
  • junior camp counselor
  • check out whether your local retailers hire teens your age (especially in the summer months).