Buffalo Wild Wings presents a variety of chicken wings along with different tastes of sauces. These tastes are developed by the cooks who follow specific recipes for making a dish. Therefore, cooks have an important role in the satisfaction of customers and mark the overall performance of the restaurant.

Roles and responsibilities of a cook:

Cooks have the most important job of cooking different food items that are ordered by the customers and decorate these cooked items in the serving dishes. Some of the duties performed by the cooks are given below:

  1. Frying different food items
  2. Steaming the food items which are required according to the recipe
  3. Grilling the chicken and other food items and sauté these food items to get excellent taste
  4. Baking different items
  5. Keeping a record of food items which are added to the stock
  6. Arranging the inventory
  7. Keeping everything clean and maintaining a hygienic environment

Salary Details And Other Benefits:

This company offers a number of salary packages to its employees. some of the benefits offered to the employees are mentioned below:

  1. Hourly salary of $10 to $18 or more than that based on the experience of the cook and his ability to handle fast paced timings in the restaurant.
  2. The promoted cooks can get a position as the managers of the kitchen team members and handle different team members in order to complete different tasks.
  3. All the cooks can get the food items offered by this chain of restaurants on discount rates.
  4. This company also offers its customers retirement plans and insurance programs. You can also get a number of health care facilities from the company.
  5. The employees can get specific number of off days and hours during their working schedule. They get paid during these days.
  6. Extra payment in case of overtime and working for late hours.
  7. Off days, weekends and registration to the company organized sporting events

Interview Of A BW3 Cook:

To have a better idea about the job responsibilities and experience as a cook at BW3, one of the cook was interviewed. Some of the questions along with its answers are mentioned as under:

  1. What was your favorite thing about working at this position?

Answer: I love to work as a team member in the kitchen because my team members are very cooperative. They are a great company to keep.

  1. How would you describe the hiring procedure?

Answer: I filled a printed out application form and submitted it directly at the outlet where I wanted to work. I was called for the interview about one week after that. They asked me simple and basic questions like history regarding my work, educational qualifications, professional qualifications etc. they told me about the job and all the tasks for which I will be responsible.

  1. What are your unique qualities which make you different from other employees?

Answer: I have a lot of experience with different restaurants and I have worked in fast paced situations as well. I also used to work as a cook when I was a student.