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Togo’s Eateries Inc. is a fast food retailer which has been operating more than 250 stores in United States. It is a well-known fast food chain which specializes in sandwiches and subs. Togo’s started its business by opening its first store in San Jones, California in the year 1968 which gave a good output and now the business has been expanded to many different parts of the country. Customers can enjoy multiple kinds of hot and toasted sandwiches which are served with four different kinds of breads.

Job Positions

Togo’s provide many job opportunities at its stores. People can apply for the job at the desired location which is nearest to them. Positions on which vacancies can be found include;

  • Cashier
  • Sandwich Artists
  • Team Members
  • Team Leader
  • General Managers
  • Assistant Managers

How to Apply for the Job at Togo’s Eateries

  • To apply for any job at Togo’s, you can visit a nearest Togo’s store to you as there is no such facility provided by Togo’s to apply for the job online.
  • Togo’s store in your local area can be easily searched from its main website which is given bellow:
  • At the top of the page, a green bar will be there in which you will see “Find a Togo’s” that will locate you a Togo store which you can easily reach.
  • The store can be search by entering the state or city name or the zip code. At the right corner of the page, a list of stores will appear with its complete address and other details.


Salaries of the employees vary with their positions. A cashier or a team member at Togo’s may start at the minimum wage which can be increased with the experience. Togo’s assures its employees that they are getting a reasonable amount of salary according to their responsibilities.

  • When a cashier is hired, he begins working at the minimum wage hourly rate and later when he performs well and gets good amount of experience at the store, he earns around$9.00 for an hour.
  • Team member who has to perform duties like cleaning, stocking, and organizing the work areas also starts with the minimum wage which can be increased up to the hourly salary of $10.00.
  • Assistant Manager has to ensure that the employees are performing according to the expectation and requirement and no one is compromising on the customer service. He also gets $10.00 per hour which can be increased with the time spent in serving the company.
  • Store Managers who have multiple responsibilities on their shoulders like hiring and training of the team members, implementing safety, managing costs, and developing team members to full potentials. They get an annual salary between $40,000 and $50,000.


Togo’s not only pays cash to the employees but also there are other benefits received by them and an environment is created which is suitable for working where employees can have their say. They are appreciated if they are saying something for the betterment of the company. One of the most tempting benefits of working for Togo’s Eateries is the job security and another is growth opportunity in the career. Togo’s assures you the promotion in future if you give performance up to the mark. Other benefits which company gives to its employees are;

  • Paid vacation days
  • Health plans
  • Flexible working hours
  • Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance and
  • Discounts on the Togo’s Sandwiches meals

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