Bath and Body Works presents the online internet users an opportunity to apply for the vacant positions that are available on the careers portal of this company. You can apply for a career opportunity at this company by following the headings which are mentioned below:

Submission Of Employment Form:

Job seekers can visit the official website of this company where they can find different opportunities according to their qualifications. There are two methods of submitting the employment form after filling in all the required details. These two methods are mentioned below:

  1. Opening the application form online and entering all the personal as well as professional details in it and submitting this form online by making your own profile at the careers portal of Batch and Body Works.
  2. Downloading the application form to your system and printing it out to submit a hard copy of this form at an outlet of your own choice.

The candidates who are qualified enough for the job for which they have applied, will be contacted by the company’s official recruitment team for an interviewing process. The procedure of short listing the candidates may take up to one or two weeks depending on the number of applicants.

Job Positions At Bath And Body Works And Details Of These Jobs:

Some of the job positions for which you can apply using the online careers portal are given in the following sequence:

  1. Sales associate: Sales associates have the responsibility of stocking all the products in different shelves at B&B Works. They also demonstrate the qualities of different products to the customers in order to help them a product that is required by these customers. This job is offered to the fresh graduates and college students having little or no experience since it is an entry level position. The employees can make earnings ranging from $6000 to $30000 per year.
  2. Store manager: Store managers have the duty of managing lower staff members at store outlet, handling complaints of customers, looking over sales and keeping a track of the duties and schedules of employees. They must have excellent communication skills to have the ability to talk to the customers and ensure their satisfaction with the visit at B&B Works outlet. The store managers make about 30,000 – 66,000 U.S. Dollars annually. Their salary depends upon their management skills as well as the level of experience that they have with the product.
  3. District manager: These managers handle the administrative department of all the B&B Works outlets within a specific district or region. Some of the roles and responsibilities that are handled by these managers are training the team members, documentation of the sales and inventory ordered at different outlets, keeping a record of sales and customer visits, ensuring that all the rules and regulations of the company are being followed etc. These managers earn about $65000 to $100,000 per unit year depending on their level of experience and overall performance.