PetSmart presents a number of career opportunities on its online portal where customers can create an online profile and submit details of their professional lives. You can apply for a career opportunity using the online web portal as follows:

  1. Open the official web page where this company presents a number of job opportunities at its official web portal which is given by the URL below.
  2. There are three different categories of jobs on this web page which are:
    1. Store jobs
    2. Distribution center jobs
    3. Corporate jobs
  3. These options are given in front of the title “Discover a career inspired by pets”.
  4. You can also search for a number of jobs by specifying location. These jobs can be searched by clicking different categories given in the red menu bar. These criteria are given by:
    1. Search store jobs in USA
    2. Search store jobs in Canada
    3. Search store jobs in Puerto Rico
  5. You can also look for the currently opened job positions under the current job openings section at bottom right side of this web page.
  6. Choose the location with respect to state and city as well as postal code of the company. You can also apply for the job opportunities by clicking the “Sign in” button and entering your account information. The users have to provide their username and password in the respective space bars and click the button “Sign in” to submit this information in order to proceed to their desired screen.
  7. You can also click the helpful link given below the sign in option in case if you have trouble recalling your username, password or both of these details.
  8. If you do not have an account, make one by clicking the registration button and entering the details related to your account. You have to enter your complete name, email ID, username, password, hint for the password and the language that you prefer in the respective space bars for registration. Click the button “Register” afterwards.
  9. Note that the information given on this website can also be translated in Spanish language in case if customers have trouble understanding English language.
  10. The company also presents a list of distribution centers displayed in the window pane given at right side of the web page. You can apply at the distribution center by using the link given in this window pane.
  11. Each of the job opportunity is displayed in the list along with a title of the job and a link titled “Apply”. You can click the respective link in order to apply for this job opportunity.
  12. This website also presents the option of viewing details related to all the job openings in the window pane given at upper right side of this page. This can be done by clicking the link “See all jobs at this location”.
  13. Read the job description and click the button “Apply now” to start the application procedure.
  14. You can also refer this job opening to other people by clicking the respective link at lower left side of the web page.