The candidates having interest in applying for job opportunities which are given on the official web portal of Sally Beauty can be pursued by following the steps which are mentioned as under:

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  1. Go to the official website where this company presents a link to get a detailed view about life as an employee at Sally Beauty. This website is given by the URL is mentioned below.
  2. Read the details about team work that is expected from the employees working at this company, the company profile as a global retailer and other benefits and rewards that are offered at this company.
  3. On the top of this web page under the title “Working here”, click the link which leads the internet users to the job list.
  4. This click opens up a new window pane in your web browser where you can look for a nearby Sally Beauty store and apply for a job there and download the employment form and send it to the higher authorities after filling it with the required information.
  5. You can also look for the job openings according to your own will by selecting the respective options from the drop down menu box which states “All positions” and select the locations where you want to work by selecting form the “All locations” drop down menu box.
  6. You can also search for a job using the keywords in the navigation bar which is given at the bottom of this page and clicking the button “Go” to submit this keyword. The results will display all the jobs related to this keyword.
  7. The website also presents two specified job sections where job can be searched. These sections are:
    1. Corporate job vacancies based in Dallas, Texas
    2. Jobs at distribution centers
  8. Click the respective link to go to the list of jobs, enter your required keywords and other specifications and click the button “Search”.
  9. Each job in the list is displayed with a job title, location where this job is given and the date on which it is posted.
  10. Read the information related to this job such as roles and responsibilities at this position, required qualifications which should be a part of the professional experience of the candidate and other details related to salary packages etc.
  11. You can send your resume at the specified Email ID along with the previous working experience and salary expectations.
  12. In order to refer this job to your friends, you can click the button “Refer a friend to this job” and follow the instructions given there.
  13. In order to submit the application and apply for this job opportunity, you can click the button “Apply for this job online”.
  14. You can create a new profile I order to apply for this job opportunity by using the social media web page such as facebook, google or linked in by clicking the respective “Create with” button which is given under the title “New candidates please create your profile”.

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