• Company Overview
  • Applying Online vs. Applying In Person
  • Guide to Applying Online
  • Who Does Lowes Want to Hire?
  • Business Summary – Finances, Leadership, and History

Company Overview :

Lowe’s is a retail home improvement, hardware, and appliance store that is based in the United States. Locations are throughout North America in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. There are over 1,700 locations and is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina. The company employs over 150,000 people and will likely employ more once they establish a presence in Australia – a plan that was undertaken in 2011. It is the second largest retailer of its kind both in the United States and in the entire world. Products include appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers; bathroom fixtures; building supplies; electrical, flooring, plumbing, heating, and cooling items; lighting and ceiling fans; lawn care and landscaping merchandise; and paint.

Company’s Facts:

Services Retailers  & home Improvement
Total Locations More Than 1700
Established In 1946
Main Office Mooresville, NC
Founder Robert Niblock
Total Revenue $50 billion (2012)

Application Methods :

In Person :

One of the ways you can apply to Lowe’s is by going into a store. If you have a computer but would simply prefer to apply in person, use the internet to search for locations near you. Visit each one, as you will need to fill out a paper application for each store at which you would be willing to work. If there is more than one location that is within travelling distance of you it would be a good idea to apply to all of them to maximize your chances of being hired.

When you go into the store, ask to speak with a manager. He or she will give you a paper application that asks questions about your employment history, contact information, and educational experience. It may also ask about your skills and may request contact numbers for personal and professional references. If you have this information on hand you will be able to fill it out quickly and easily.

The manager may ask to interview you right then. In case this happens, come prepared with some knowledge of the company and of the position of interest so you do well in the interview. Alternatively, the manager may instead decide to call you later to schedule a date and time for an interview.

Using The Website :

The other way you can apply is by going online. You simply go to main site mentioned below and navigate to the career center. The benefits of applying online are that you can create an online profile to track your application process, you can read information about a variety of positions and learn about Lowe’s work culture, and you can apply to multiple positions more easily than if you walk into a store.

How To Apply Online :

  • See the button “Apply Online” at the top of the page and click to access the job opportunities.
  • You will see that there are three main job types – store positions, corporate positions, and distribution center positions. You can click on any of these categories to learn more, or, if you have an idea of what you want to do, you can conduct a search.
  • To conduct a search, find the part of the screen that says “Job Search.” Start by selecting a job category, your state and city, typing in a zip code, and selecting the maximum radius you are willing to travel for work. You can also enter in any relevant keywords if you think it will help narrow down your search to positions specific to your interests.
  • When your results appear they will be listed with the job title, job ID number, location, division, and posting date all on display. Browse your list of options, which should all be related to your search criteria. Click on any to learn more. Note that in doing so you will officially be leaving the company website and be redirected to a career site.
  • Read the job description carefully. In addition to a general description you should be able to see details regarding work schedule, essential knowledge and skills, qualification standards, physical job requirements, and employment type (full time or part time). If you are still interested, click on the button to submit an application.
  • To continue you will need to create a username and password by registering for an account. If you have been to the site before you already have this information and you can simply log in. If not, register and then follow the onscreen instructions to finalize your application and submit it to the company.

Who Does Lowes Want To Hire?

The retailer is always looking for enthusiastic, motivated people to join the team. As an equal opportunity employer it also strives to hire people from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Age Restrictions :

Lowe’s does hire people under the age of eighteen, but only for certain positions. For example, you could be a cashier if you are a minor, but you could not work at corporate as an accountant. Most corporate and management jobs require that you have additional qualifications, such as a four year degree or multiple years of experience in a related field. If you are a minor and planning on applying for a lower level job for which you are eligible, check your state requirements on labor. Various states have different laws regarding how young you can be to take on part time or full time work.

Job Seekers Overview:

Employees 161,000
Current Opportunities 4413 different posts
Apply Now
Awards For Employee Not Yet
Enhancement On Application Yes
Get Response (Avg Time) One Week
Official Site:

Summary Of The Business :

Company History :

Lowe’s was founded in 1921 by Lucius S. Lowe. When he died in 1940 his daughter Ruth took over the business. She sold the company to her brother and he and her husband went into operations together. Although the company initially boasted a more diverse product line, the two men decided to focus on hardware and building materials. The two disagreed in many areas and eventually Ruth’s husband took over the hardware company while her brother took possession of other ventures. The company expanded quickly throughout the 50s, but when Ruth’s husband died of a heart attack, his executive team ran the business and eventually took it public. Today it is traded publically on the New York Stock Exchange.

Finances And Leadership :

Robert Niblock is the current chairman and CEO, although the company was founded by Lucius S. Lowe, for whom the company is named. In the fiscal year of 2012 the company earned $50 billion in revenue, $3.6 billion in operating income, and nearly $2 billion in net income. Total assets were at $32.6 billion and total equity stood at $13.8 billion.