Nowadays the film industry has become an integral part of everyone’s life. In addition, the film industry is a highly profitable occupation. This applies to both film production and film distribution. Therefore, it is a good idea to start your career in a large chain of movie theaters. Pay your attention to the Cinemark company.

If you are interested in a career in Cinemark, then you are on the right page. Here you can fill out and submit an application for consideration of your candidacy for the position you has chosen. On the website all vacancies of the company and requirements to them are presented.

It is useful to know: the history of the company is 34 years old. The company is located in Texas (Plano). Today the cinema circuit includes more than 490 cinemas in America (not including cinemas abroad).

Apply Online

Step 1 – click the link below to open the necessary tab:


Step 2 – you will open a career page of the company. Then click on the «Apply Online Now» button (highlighted in red in the picture below).

Step 3 – for your convenience, you can start a job search by applying a filter. Specify your city, state and the vacancy you are interested in. After you click “apply”, the website will show you all the suitable jobs.

Step 4 – you will see the position, its requirements and description. If you are satisfied with this vacancy, click “apply” to continue (in the lower right corner).

Step 5 – to continue, click “Start Here” and create your account.

Step 6 – Contact Information – Enter the following details into the appropriate input fields:

  • name
  • secondary name
  • surname
  • street
  • place of living:
  • city
  • state/province
  • zip code
  • country
  • email address
  • the way you have found our company
  • phone number (for code to enter the account)
  • password
  • confirm password

Step 7 – then click “next”.  In the next section you need to fill in the following information:

  • short biography
  • time-table
  • the level of your education
  • appointment
  • references

How to Write

Step 1 – if you want to upload files (e.g. a resume) use the link on the top of the page. The file must be in PDF format.

Step 2 – the first page of the form contains the information that you need to provide, namely:

  • the current date
  • positions you are interested in
  • source of information
  • full name
  • date you are ready to start working
  • place of living:
  • address
  • city
  • state
  • postal code
  • phone numbers (home/mobile)
  • desired income
  • email address
  • responses for a questions
  • availability/scheduling details
  • the level of education

Step 3 – on page 2 you need to fill in the following fields:

  • employment history information
  • consent to process personal data
  • date and your signature

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