Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Incorporated is a U.S based company which presents its customers a number of food items in the restaurant and gifts in its stores. This company started offering its services in the year 1969 and has been able to open more than 600 different stores in 42 stores of United States. The company presents its products in country style presentation and has partnerships with different performers having excellent skills in country style music.

This company hires a number of team members so that they may perform different tasks within the outlets of the restaurants. One such job position is that of a server. Details about job experience as a server are given below:

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Benefits Of Working At This Position And Salary Details:

Servers usually get paid about $3 per unit working hour. With the compensations that are given to the Cracker Barrel servers, they can earn up to $14 per unit working hour. Some of the benefits that are given to the Cracker Barrel servers are given below:

  1. Specified number of vacations and off timings during which the employees get paid.
  2. Discount and off rates for various types of deals offered at these restaurants.
  3. Retirement programs (401k plan) and other health care benefits.
  4. Free training facility for fresh employees working at this company.

In addition to these benefits, servers can also work for extra hours in addition to their schedule to earn a few extra dollars.

Key Responsibilities Of A Server:

Servers represent all the team members since they have to communicate directly with the customers. Therefore, they are expected to have excellent communication skills. Some of the roles are responsibilities of servers are mentioned below:

  1. Serving all the rquir3ed items to the customers in such a way that the customers leave the restaurant outlet happily and recommend this restaurant to their friends and family as well.
  2. Meeting all the expectations of the customers and offering them a demonstration about the food items offered at this restaurant.
  3. Helping the customers out by answering their complaints if any.
  4. Promoting different items from the menu and guiding the customers about the contents in each dish.
  5. Cleaning different parts of the company outlet and making the environment hygienic. Note that this responsibility is handed over to the servers only in case if other workers are not available.
  6. Lifting the dishes and other food items from the kitchen bar to the table and vice versa.

The company employees get an increment in their pay after every quarter of a year during the first working year. The employees can also get early get raise in their pay in case if they perform well enough.

Tips For A Good Interview:

For getting a job as a server, job seekers must submit an online application form after filling all the required details. These details involve the personal details, contact information and professional details of the employees. Some of the tips for getting selected at the interviewing process are given below:

  1. Answer all the questions confidently and in a convincing manner.
  2. Be polite, cheerful and maintain a business like attitude while answering these questions.
  3. Present yourself in such a way that the recruitment team gets convinced that you have excellent communication skills.
  4. Work on your abilities to present different items in the menu of the restaurant and prepare for questions regarding different dishes offered at this restaurant.

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