DaVita is providing equal employment opportunity without regard of sex, color, origin, nationality and gender. DaVita is making decisions of hiring only on basis of qualification and experience of individual. Company is providing comprehensive benefits and bonuses on the performance of employees. DaVita is providing career opportunities in different fields such as nursing, clinical team, leadership business, corporate, fresh graduates etc. Whether your career goal is in direct dealing of patient care, leadership or education, you will get an opportunity to drive your own success with us.

For this purpose you need to have a profile on career web page and explore all new open positions. Select any one according to your experience and expertise. Once you have selected the position apply for it online by following given below instructions.

Find New Jobs:

You can find new jobs at the website, explore all available positions to find any one which suits you best and apply for any one by following stated below instructions. Few available positions are given here

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Cashier
  3. Advisor
  4. Accounts Manager
  5. Finance officer
  6. Staff Registered Nurse
  7. Entry level Registered Nurse

How To Find Job Online?

Before finding a job online you need to keep few things in hand such as you must have a personal computer or any other related device. You should have internet connection available on the system. You need to have a profile account on career web page of DaVita if you don’t have account you need to register yourself. You will need softcopy of resume to attach in your profile.

Step by Step Guide:

Follow stated below set of instructions in order to find jobs online at DaVita web page.

  1. First of all open a website of DaVita Career on given URL link http://careers.davita.com
  2. Access home page of website and find a button which is marked as “Find your career with” located at the bottom of web page.
  3. Once you have found the button hit a click on it which will take you to another web page where you have to input few details as directed
  4. Add keyword of job which will explain the type of job. Select job function from drop down menu but make sure you select that function in which you are expert.
  5. Enter zip code of your area along with range of total distance in which you are available to work.
  6. Click on button of “Search job opening” located at the bottom of section
  7. You will be redirected to list of available positions, you need to scroll down window till bottom to find job of your interest
  8. Once you have got the job hit a click on title of position, read complete detail of job to find out that you are eligible candidate or not.
  9. If you are eligible then click on button of “Apply” which will later ask you to sign in to your account to submit application
  10. If you are a new member then create your account by following online instructions.

Interview Questions:

Once you have been selected start preparing yourself for interview by reviewing given below questions.

  1. Tell us something about yourself?
  2. How would you resolve problem in dealing with difficult persons?
  3. Do you have any relevant experience?
  4. What do you know about dialysis treatment?
  5. What is the one only core values of Davita’s due to which you most resonate with it?
  6. How is your impression while working with a team?
  7. What are your best qualities being a survivor?
  8. What is your experience while working with renal patients?
  9. Tell us about that time where you had to follow different orders with which you don’t agree?
  10. What is the difference between A and C records of DNS?
  11. Describe failover of HA in VMware?
  12. How would you deal with confrontation between colleagues?
  13. Name a time when you have made a mistake during work?
  14. What are your goals in life and why have you left your previous job?
  15. Do you know how to speak Spanish?
  16. How would you handle staff which is not meeting the criteria of expectation?
  17. Describe yourself in one word which will help us to remember you for long?
  18. How would you handle difficult situation?
  19. Why should we hire you?
  20. What are your salary expectation from us?
  21. Do you want to ask anything from us?


Average annual salary of DaVita ranges from $20,000 for the post of Technician to $255,000 annually for the post of Vice president. For more details visit given below

Title of job Annual salary
Patient Care Technician $30,000 per year
Registered Nurse $65,000 per year
Dialysis Technician $32,000 per year
Dialysis Registered Nurse $70,000 per year
Administrative Assistant $32,000 per year
Administrator $85,156 per year
Charge Nurse $60,000 per year
Social Worker $50,000 per year
RN $60,526 per year
Clinic Coordinator $74,615 per year
Clinical Technician $29,000 per year
Certified Pharmacy Technician $35,000 per year
Nurse $60,000 per year
Licensed Practical Nurse $42,000 per year
Staff Nurse $62,000 per year


DaVita is providing various benefits to employees besides salary package. These benefits are related to insurance service, medical services and other training programs. List of benefits are given below.

  1. Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  2. Performance Bonus
  3. Stock Options
  4. Equity Incentive Plan
  5. Supplemental Life Insurance
  6. Disability Insurance
  7. Occupation Accident Insurance
  8. Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  9. Diversity program
  10. Training on job
  11. Tuition support

DaVita Reviews:

DaVita is a health care center which is providing high quality health services in a professional way. Company is providing various incentives and bonuses on the basis of performance of employee which leads to strong and loyal relationships between company and employees.