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Today, Delta Airline is flying to worldwide destination to operate its services. The remarkable legacy of Delta Airline has become leader in airline companies. It is called most demanding flying service that is giving flying service over hundred destinations and serving its millions of customers.

As Delta airline is enjoying its leading state in air Travel Company that why its need to build up strongest team that can handle its services efficiently. Company is managing its staff at worldwide destination where there plans are landing. They are really proud at their energetic team that are giving best service to the company and taking their company to the place where they dreamed to be there. Delta people are working hard and making our airline strong. By working at this company our employees has bright future by experiencing new ideas here. This place is providing them a chance to prove their skills and to get professional education to help in making their professional career bright.

Why To Join?

When you get job at Delta then you will be considered as vital part of this company and your services will be never ignored here. By joining this platform you can take your career at height where you ever dreamed for. You can also get a chance to fly over different countries to explore new world and new experiences. You can find open opportunities to get promotions with your hard works.

Choose Your Career Areas:

If you have decided that you are going to join Delta airline to boast your career then you should be clear first about what you do actually want to do here? What is your capability to work here? You can choose best career area to start here.

  • Flight Attendants
  • In-Flight Services
  • Customer Services Center
  • Ticketing Gate
  • Baggage Handler
  • Ramp operation
  • Reservation sales
  • Corporate
  • Management
  • Technical Operations
  • Pilots
  • College Program
  • Cargo
  • Flight Operations
  • Information Technology
  • International opportunities

How To Apply Online?

If you want to apply Online then you can see the online applying process here to submit your job application. HR department will check your application and will call If they find you eligible.

  • Visit this link apply online.
  • On the given link you see career areas mentioned below and click on the career area for that you want to apply
  • On the page see the button “Apply Now” to see the all available posts to apply.
  • On the page see the job title, req#, location, department and date posted for the available jobs.
  • Click on any job to see the job description and requirements.
  • See the job details and click on the button “Apply Now”.
  • For apply online next choose the media type and enter the media source to continue the process.
  • Next see the contact from where you can enter your details like name, phone number, alternative phone, email address, address, apt/unit, country, city, and state information and click on the button “Continue”
  • After that enter your resume and other documents attachment to submit your application.

Application Process:

It’s depending on the positions and number to application that company receives by the candidates. HR department will select few candidates who are eligible for the post after reviewing all application and send them interview letters.

Important Interview Questions:

Here are some important interview questions that you can focus to prepare your interview. You should be already known about the company and its objects and you should be clear why you are joining them.

  1. Have you ever worked with complicated personality and how did you handle him?
  2. Tell us about any incident when your co-worker was so rude with you.
  3. Have you ever caught your any co-worker who was dishonest or cheating with his responsibilities
  4. Any situation when you had to handle a customer who was going to rate your services bad?
  5. How did you prepare yourself for this job?
  6. What are your expectations with this company?
  7. Any past experience when you too inventiveness without being ask to
  8. Any experience when you went above and beyond for the client
  9. Any hard working experience that you want to tell us?
  10. Why we hire you?

Salary Review:

If you want to review the salaries that Delta Company offers to its employee you will happy to see the average salary scale for operator’s job is $14,586/yr. and $300,000/yr. for manager. They are also giving part time job to the employee on good hourly package here.

Job postAnnual salary
Customer Service Representative$29,905
Baggage Handler$30,000
Flight Attendant$44,000
Customer Specialist$25,000
Ticket Agent$30,000
Aircraft Maintenance Technician$56,000
Sales Representative$35,000

Employee Benefits:

Delta airline is industry leading that why company know its responsibilities toward making good example for giving best benefit service for its workforce. Here you can see the employee benefits and advantage that company is giving to its workforce.

  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial benefits
  • Lifestyle programs