Denny’s is a company which offers its customers a number of dishes and services at its outlets. Some of the dishes offered at this restaurant include a variety of pancakes, coffees, fast food and many more. The restaurant started its business in the year 1953 and has been able to open 1700 outlets after its foundation. The company was able to generate revenue of about $538 million according to the figures of the year 2011. The restaurant’s head quarter is located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, U.S. This company started opening franchises in the year 1963 and mostly operates on franchises now.

Denny’s Job Interview

In order to get a job at Denny’s, the candidates have to go through the hiring procedure which consists of two steps:

  1. Submission of employment form
  2. Answering questions in the interviewing process

The interview may consist of a single 30 minutes questions and answers session of can be carried out in two to three separate sessions so that candidate may get evaluated based on his technical as well as communication skills. A single hiring manager tests a single candidate during the interviewing process.

Typical Interview Questions:

The interview generally consists of evaluation of personality traits along with the technical aspects. Therefore, candidates are expected to arrive early during these sessions. Some of the questions that interviewers generally ask during the interviews are given below:

  1. Do you have any transportation to travel from your home to this place?
  2. Will you be available during off timings in case if you are called in emergency? What is your status of availability during weekends?
  3. Why do you want to work at Denny’s specifically and not other similar restaurants?
  4. What are your unique qualities which can prove to be advantageous for the company?
  5. Do you have any previous experience of handling a problematic situation and stressful conditions?

In addition to the above mentioned questions, if the location of Denny’s is south western region of the country, the candidates having fluent speaking skills of multiple languages are preferred over other applicants.

Tips For Getting Selected As An Employee:

You can prepare and practice the answers for questions mentioned in the above section for having greater chances of getting selected. In addition to this preparation, candidates should follow the following tips for getting selected:

  1. Dress up in a business-like manner and have a professional attitude while answering the questions.
  2. Greet your interviewer politely at the beginning and end of the interview.
  3. The candidates having past experience of this job are preferred over other candidates.
  4. Mention any similar experiences while going through the interviewing process.
  5. Show your interest in the environment that is generally expected to be there in a restaurant outlet.

After getting hired, the employees are tested medically for the usage of drugs and are asked whether they have any criminal records. They are also checked for their records by taking out their history.