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Dollar General presents a number of crew member job opportunities for job seekers which are paid on hourly basis. This job opportunity is offered at a number of different locations.

Duties and responsibilities of a cashier:

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Some of the duties that are handed over to the cashiers working at Dollar General are given in the sequence mentioned as follows:

  1. Adding the records related to cash payments in the cashier register
  2. Offering the customers a number of services and answering the questions that they have in their minds
  3. Welcoming different visitors and customers in the Dollar General outlets and providing them their required details about the products offered in the shelves of different aisles
  4. Scanning different items to make the bills so that customers may pay the bills and check out from the stores
  5. At some locations, cashiers are also responsible for loading and unloading the stock items from trucks
  6. Cleaning different locations inside the store in order to maintain the hygienic environment of stores
  7. In some cases, the cashiers are needed to unload and load the stock so their physical strength is important. The strength which is required from them is needed in order to lift about 25 pounds of weight.

Detail Of Salary Packages:

To encourage the employees to work efficiently and being more productive during their working hours, the higher authorities have define excellent hourly packages for the crew members working at Dollar General. They also offer a number of benefits to their employees. Some of the salary package details offered for the cashiers is given below:

  1. The hourly rate for cashiers is $8.00 per unit hour. Experienced cashiers may have an increased hourly rate depending on the years of experience. The increased amount may increase up to $9.50 to $10.00.
  2. Other benefits include the 401(k) retirement plans and earning a number of work related benefits.
  3. Getting off timings and vacations for specified hours
  4. Medical as well as health care facilities

Interview From A Cashier At Dollar General:

In order to offer the applicants a better idea about the experience that cashiers at DG stores have, a DG cashier was interviewed to submit answers regarding a few questions:

  1. What is your job, duties and the best part of your work?

Answer: My job is to enter the records in cash register, clean the store and mop the floor at the end of my shift. I like the part of entering all the records in the cash register.

  1. Have you ever received any extra benefits from the company?

Answer: I get a raise in my pay at the end of every working year. The pay gets increased by ¼ of the amount which is originally paid during the year.

  1. How did the hiring procedure go for you? What questions were asked during the interview?

Answer: The hiring procedure was very simple. I filled out an application form in which a few questions were asked and I was hired a few days after submitting this information.

  1. What are the qualities that make you different and unique from other applicants?

Answer: I work in close coordination with my team members and I play a vital role as a glue to hold all the team members together to accomplish different challenges.

  1. What would you suggest to other applicants who are applying for the same job at Dollar General?

Answer: All the candidates are expected to present themselves in a good manner and speak politely to the interviewers.