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Life guards have an important role at YMCA. He is responsible for saving the lives of people who require assistance while swimming.

Eligible Candidates For This Job:

Life guards have to qualify for a number of physical activities to be able to apply for this job opportunity. They should also meet the age requirements for this job. Some of these requirements are mentioned as under:

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  1. Candidates must have an age of 16 years or more
  2. They should be able to swim a distance of at least 500 yards continuously
  3. They should be able to tread water for a period of at least 2 minutes (120 seconds) without using hands
  4. They should be able to make a dive of 12 feet or even more than that
  5. Some of the swimming styles that must be a part of professional experience of the candidates are:
    1. Free style
    2. Heads up
    3. Side stroke
    4. Breast stroke
    5. Heads up breast stroke
    6. Inverted breast stroke (using only your legs)
  6. Ability of following the instructions which are given by higher level officers and having the ability to complete the steps at fast pace
  7. Attending all the classes to show a 100% attendance rate
  8. Having a record of completing the online courses and training for at least 8.5 hours.

In addition to these eligibility criteria, the candidates must also have proper training from the professionals. This company offers its life guards special training and certificates for the employees who complete the training offered by this company. This training is offered for improve the professional abilities of life guards even more. The life guards must be able to complete the skills tests as well as written tests for getting certified.

There are two types of courses for life guards in case of training which are:

  1. Full courses: The entry level candidates are offered this course for improving the skills in the field of emergency conditions, breathing, cardiac emergencies, skills of rescuing the swimmers and having ability to offer first aid to the people who need it.
  2. Review courses: Reviewing the training related facilities and evaluation of skills and other professional details.

Water Front Module:

There are two kinds of courses which are offered in life guarding module which are mentioned as under:

  1. Full courses: These courses are taught to the life guards in order to improve the skills and knowledge of these employees. They are also offered training related to emergency cases for open water areas such as parks and swimming pools and others.
  2. Review courses: The attendants can also review these courses in case if they want to observe if anything is missed during these courses. The attendants can also optimize their abilities of water fronting. You can also evaluate your skills by taking different tests related to this course.