PacSun is a clothing retailer brand which have brought culture of California into them. These include the attire and footwear which are desirable for the young kids and adults. With its head office in California, PacSun has been involved in the business for more than thirty years through its 800 stores in all over the United States.

PacSun offers job opportunities to the people and pay an attractive amount of salary accompanied with the benefits. PacSun provides its employees an environment where they love to work. Most of the customers can see that the work at PacSun is free of stress and workers are glad with their work, therefore they are interest to work for it too.

How to Apply for Sales Associate Job:

For the job, interested candidates can visit the nearest store which would be suitable for them to work and give their resume with the application form and then wait for the interview call or they can apply online on the career portal of the PacSun the link is given below:

You can search the job of Sales Associate position in your local area easily under the option of Retail Job search. You will simply follow few steps and fill an application form and create a Login ID and apply for the job.

Sales Associate Requirements:

People are hired at PacSun continuously as they are expanding their business. Considering a Sales Associate, Opportunity for such position is open all the time and job can be obtained easily without much hard work. As the brand focuses on the culture and fashion which is currently prevailing, applicant for the job of sales associate must be aware of that. Having a knowledge about the fashions can easily get you the job and make you comfortable with the job and this is the main reason that people enjoy work at PacSun because most of the people are aware of all these things. Overall there are not much formalities or requirements to get the job of sales assc=ociate at PacSun and there is no requirement of experience which makes them more convenient to get the job and more people apply for it.

Duties of a Sales Associate:

As a sales person in the retailer store has the main duty of customer service, same is the Sales associate at PacSun who needs to communicate with the customers and provide them services in a lively manner. He should like to interact with the people and help them so that a customer when leaves the store, must be happy with the employee who is dealing with him and with the company ultimately. Other duties of a sales associate might be answering the telephone calls and keeping the store stuff at the right place and assist in making the store and is environment clean.

Sales Associate with the knowledge about the brand have an advantage of getting the job easily and working here. Although training session of the sales associate is done for around two weeks during which verbal and visual orientation is given but the pre-knowledge can reduce this training period and employee can start working properly early.

Salaries and Benefits:

  • A sales associate at PacSun gets the minimum wage which is increased with the experience. More experienced sales associate can get up to $9.5 for one hour working at PacSun.
  • Benefits given by the company include fifty percent discounts on the products or can get twice of the products on the same price which others have to pay.
  • More benefits like medical and health plans, 401(k) retirement plan and for qualified and experienced workers, paid vacations are also available

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