Dollar General is international longest department store chain that is growing faster every year. They are now providing you a very clear path to you to grow with them. Company is expanding its business every week by establishing more stores at different location where their customers want them to be. Dollar general believes that their workforce is actually their strength. DG is openly welcoming you either if this is your first job here or you have taking next step to your career. Company is along with your career at every step by providing you training classes and other course to build up your career path. DG University is providing best training courses like Retail excellence or manager program.

Why To Join DG?

If you are looking to job a workplace where you can build your career and to get new skills and experiences then you DG will be you right choice to start your career to strengthen your career. They are not only providing you source of income but help you in learning new things here by providing you these benefits along your service here:

  • Promoting Healthy Culture: Company is promoting health culture by serving its customers and they are providing growing opportunities for its employees. They know how it matter for any employee to get promotions and rewards on his/her services.
  • Top Class Training Service: Dollar General Training & development department is getting positions in top 125 best employee training service Provider Company from last past four years. Company believer that employee training is foundation of building strong team.

Explore Career Areas:

DG knows the secret what makes its employee so great. They feel collaboration spirit in its every corner workforce who is devoting their service with great attention and expertise. Either you are connected with DG stores or its corporate office you will feel care and love for you by the company. Here are career areas to find you job.

  • Stores Opportunities
  • Corporate Opportunities
  • Distribution Center
  • Military Veteran

How To Apply?

If you are looking forward to apply for job at DG then you can get your job application via online process that is mentioned below:

  • Access this and access the online job portal
  • See the heading “Career Areas” and click on the department which you want to choose.
  • Suppose if you choose “Store Opportunities” then click on the link.
  • Next click on the button “Search Jobs”
  • New page will be opened click on the job link on the page that is mentioned with job ID and location.
  • You can also search job by entering job details.
  • On clicking on the job link you can see the job description and job details.
  • After reading complete details you can click on the button “Apply To Job” or “Add To Cart”.
  • For applying online enter your email address and password to login into account.
  • If you are new then get register for your new account to submit your online job application.

Application Process:

According to all review DG HR department takes different time period to process application for different post. Normally for store job they take few days but for corporate application they take three to four weeks.

Major Interview Questions:

On getting interview call you have to be fully prepared for your interview to impress interviewer. The secret behind winning this goal you have to be prepared for few questions that normally they ask from candidates. Few Questions are mentioned here:

  1. What was your past working experience?
  2. How would you make strategies to control shrunk? And is it for internal or external?
  3. What are your availability criteria?
  4. Are you willing to work for extra hours, holidays or weekends?
  5. How you are good at multitasking?
  6. What would you do to prevent theft?
  7. What is important in military to handle all around?
  8. Why do you want this job?
  9. Why should we hire your for this job post?
  10. What are your future goals?

Salary Review:

DG is providing average income for hourly jobs at its store is $7.35/hr and if you are working at sales department then you can earn $18.70/hr. Here is annual review of DG salaries for different job posts:

Job Post Annual Income
Store Manager $35,792
Lead Associate $18,960
Retail Assistant Manager $20,000
Cashier $18,000
Customer Service Representative $19,000
District Manager $68,000
Shift Manager $17,000

Employee Benefits:

Dollar General is providing you different coverage and plans according to you needs if you are working at its any department. It is also contributing for cost in these benefits plans. Here is complete route for enrolling into these plans:

Health Care Plans:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision health care plans
  • Care Flexible Account
  • Dependent Care Flexible Account
  • Spending Account
  • Short Term Disability/Long Plans
  • Term Disability, Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Accident plans
  • Business Travel Accident coverage
  • Wellness Programs
  • Employee Assistance Program

Work Benefits:

  • Annual bonus
  • Good Salaries
  • Service award program
  • Vacation time with pay
  • paid holidays

Retirement Savings Plan:

They are providing you best retirement plans and saving plans for your future