IF you are a job seeker and you are looking for any job at Duke Energy then access its career portal online. Duke is providing number of opportunities and allowances to its employees that is why it is considered as one of the best company to foster career. Duke Energy career portal organize current positions openings by categories, location and keywords. Applicants are required to visit career page frequently to identify newly add positions. Candidates must apply online against jobs. Search Tool is especially designed to permit users to add multiple jobs to job carts or save them for future use. In order to submit job application applicants must have a profile on career platform. For more details read stated below instructions to apply for jobs.

How To Find A Job At Duke Energy?

In order to find a job at Duke Energy career platform you are required to keep few things in hand without these things you are unable to find and apply for job through online application system.


  1. You are required to have a computer or laptop or any other related device
  2. You must have internet connection available on system
  3. You need to have a resume if you don’t have an account
  4. You need to have a profile on website.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. First of all you have to open internet browser and insert official URL of Duke Energy career in address bar to access web page.
  2. Link of website is given here https://www.duke-energy.com/careers
  3. After accessing home page of website you need to find an option of “Job Search” positioned on home page, once you have got the option hit a click on it.
  4. This will redirect you to another web page where you have to provide few details to narrow your search.
  5. Add keyword of job which will specify the nature of job. Enter your location where you want to do this job.
  6. Select your field of interest from given options and click on button of “Search” which will redirect you to the list of available jobs.
  7. You are required to find your dream job from given list. Once you have found the job hit a click on title of it which will bring another window.
  8. You have to read complete description of job to decide either you are eligible for this post or not.
  9. If you are eligible for this post then click on button of “Apply Now” which will take you to another window.
  10. You have to sign in to your profile by adding User name and password to submit your application of job.
  11. If you are a new customer then you have to create your account before submitting your job application.

Important Interview Questions:

After getting an interview call from company start preparing for interview by reviewing all important questions. Few most frequently asked questions are given below.

  1. Give us your Introduction?
  2. When was the last time that you had worked in a team? What was role in that team and what was the performance at the end?
  3. Tell us something about your past experience?
  4. What do you know about company?
  5. How did you come to know about this position?
  6. Why do you think that you are best candidate for this post and why should we hire you?
  7. Where do you see yourself in this company after 3 years?
  8. What are your goals in life?
  9. What are your hobbies outside of work?
  10. What are your strengths and weakness?
  11. How well you do multi-tasking? Share your previous experience if any?
  12. How good are you to propose new ideas?
  13. Tell us about that time when you had to work in group and they become complacent with work then what was your strategy?
  14. Tell us about that time when you had to deal with difficult customer? How have you resolved the issue to satisfy the customer?
  15. Tell us about that time when your project got an unexpected or unforeseen set back? What was your reaction and how did you handle it?
  16. Where do you see yourself after five years?
  17. Tell me about the time where you were communicating with somebody but that was too difficult. What was your strategy to handle it?
  18. Tell us about the time where you had an opportunity to be innovative to improve any process?
  19. Tell me about that time when you had to deal with complex customers?
  20. What are your salary expectation from us?
  21. Do you have any experience in customer services? If yes then why you have left your job?
  22. Do you want to ask anything from us?


The average Annual Duke Energy salary ranges from $20,000 for the post of customer service representative and its $20,000 for the position of Administrator. For more details visit Annual Graph of salaries which is given below

Job Title Annual Salaries
Customer Service Representative $28,000
Operator $65,000
Senior Engineer II $150,000
Engineer $150,000
Lineman $65,000
Administrative Assistant $36,000
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer $87,500
Technologist $72,000
IT Analyst $72,000
Field Technician $28,800
Field Supervisor $95,000
Wind Turbine Technician $45,000
Document Controller $38,000
Senior Engineer $150,000
Controller $90,000
Project Manager $110,000


Duke Energy is providing various benefits to their employees beside salary package. These benefits and incentives are provided on the basis of performance and pay scale of employees. A brief list of incentives are given below.

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Dental Insurance
  3. Retirement Plan
  4. 401K Plan
  5. Vacation & Paid Time Off
  6. Sick Days
  7. Paid Holidays
  8. Diversity Program
  9. Tuition Assistance


Duke is considered as great place to work with effective work conditions. Company is working with open door policy of management. High encouragement is provided from upper management to all employees they really care about their workers and maintain their high standard with comprehensive benefits packages which includes medical services, insurance, assistance and vacations