Edible Arrangements is an American company which has a business of arranging the fresh fruits and made a combination of fruit baskets with floral arrangements to create some unique gifts with different designs. Their gift boxes may include premium chocolate dipped fruit, and fresh-fruit-to-go products. The business was started in Connecticut in 1999 which has been expanded outside the United States now with more than 1100 stores. Other countries in which the business is being operated include Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Hong Kong, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Italy, India and China.

Particular Qualities Which an Employee Must Have:

The working environment in which employees of Edible Arrangements have to work consists of fast-paced, demanding, and customer-centric settings. Each retail store houses kitchens in which assembling of the baskets of goods is done by employees which are to be prepared for shipment. The workers need to take care of the health and safety guidelines strictly because they have to deal with the heavy use of fresh fruit and other raw materials daily. Health and safety practices are an integral part of their responsibilities during all phases of operations. Applicants of the job here at Edible Arrangements must know how to demonstrate the ability of cleaning, washing, preparing, handling, storing, and discarding the food items as necessary.

How to apply for the job:

  • If someone wants to apply for the job at Edible Arrangements he needs to visit the website of the company which is given bellow:
  • At the bottom of the page, “Edible Career” option can be seen and clicked to enter the career portal of Edible Arrangements.
  • At the career page, edible Arrangements invites people to join its team if they are interest. You can click on “View Open Positions” button. A new page will open where all the positions will be given. You can apply for any required position specifically according to your qualification by opening them.
  • New page will give you the description about the job and benefits which company offers to you at the particular job position. After reading the descriptions, you will see a tab, ”Click Here to Complete Your Application”. Click on that and add resume on the new page which is opened by clicking here.
  • This will open an application form for you where you will be required to some personal information about you.
  • Fill out the form by providing all the information about you which have been asked at particular field like your name, address, zip code email address.
  • After the completion of the application form, click on “Submit application” . This will complete your application form.

Different Job Positions

The most typical positions for which you can apply at Edible Arrangements include

  • Fruit Experts
  • Sales Associates
  • Kitchen and Production Workers
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Fruit Consultants
  • Assistant Store Managers and
  • General Managers.

Many of these above mentioned jobs are entry-level positions. A wide range of jobs at the corporate level of Edible Arrangements can also be found.  Requirement of your college degrees in the particular field will be must to apply for that. You can find job opportunities in the fields of Business Gifting, E-Commerce, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Store Support and Innovation.

Salaries and Benefits

  • Fruit Experts who have to inspire the customers by their skills in making the arrangements of the fruits get a salary between $9.00 and $10.00 for an hour.
  • Kitchen workers also gets the same pay.
  • Delivery drivers earns up to $11.00 per hour.
  • Assistant Managers at Edible Arrangements have an hourly pay of around $12.00.
  • Other benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, life, medical, dental, and vision insurance and holidays off.

Refer link:

Apply for Job: www.ediblearrangements.com/edible-careers/edible-arrangements-careers