About Company:

Winn-Dixie was founded in Jacksonville, Florida. And has graded number 24 in the 2010 “Top 75 North American Food Retailers” based on 2009 sales records of $7.3 billion by Supermarket News. It is also graded as the 43rd biggest retailer in the United States looking at 2006 incomes by Stores Magazine.

To Apply For A  Job:

There are two approaches in finding a job with Dixie.

  • Go to www.winndixie.com/AU/Careers/CareersRetail.aspx
  • Choose English or Spanish or in-house candidate
  • In-house candidates provide job number to continue application
  • As a prospective staff,  search for a job by Job Number
  • Directly click any of the listings below to apply or refine your search by search button.
  • If direct method, review employment notes, click apply online button or save to cart
  • If by filtering,



  • Select job field, country and distance
  • Then click search for jobs button
  • An follow same procedure


Working at Dixie is both fn and rewarding. For a company that caters to the growth and well-being of its staff, it is worth dropping an application for one of their highly exciting positions.