99 cents only is a chain of stores which presents its customers a number of low price products in its outlets. This company presents its services in about 360 different locations and started presenting its services in the year 1982. The company’s founder, David Gold, was the first person to think about this idea and make an investment in order to start this business. The company was able to generate revenue of $1.3 billion as recorded in the year 2009.

Job Opportunities At 99 Cents Only:

Job seekers can get details related to a number of job openings from this company by going to their official web portal and applying online. The application procedure starts by filling the required details in the application form for employment.

Note that the application form can be submitted using two procedures:

  1. Making an online profile and submitting the soft copy of application using the careers portal of this company.
  2. Printing the employment form and submitting it after completing the information required in this form.

After submitting this application, you can get shortlisted for the interview after a few days. The short listing procedure may take place within 1 or 2 weeks. For being eligible to submit a job application, you must be at least 18 years old or have greater age than that.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A 99 Cents Only Cashier:

There are a number of duties assigned to the crew members working at this company. The cashiers working at this firm have the following duties:

  1. Cashiers are responsible for standing at the counter and greeting all the customers who want to make bills for all the products that they have shopped from this company.
  2. Cashiers add the products to the database of bought items and make a bill for these items.
  3. Customers can interact with the cashiers in order to ask questions if any or submit any complaints regarding the items that they have purchased from this company.
  4. Cashiers are also responsible for assisting the customers with their shopping and answering their queries.
  5. Cashiers must be able to operate a computer system through which different records are maintained in the system.
  6. Some of the tasks that are added with the duties of cashiers at some outlets are adding stock items to different aisles and shelves in the store, opening and closing the store etc.
  7. Cashiers may also take the products from the customers that are meant to be returned and place them in the store accordingly. The cashiers must consider all of the rules and company policies before returning the items to the company.

In addition to these duties, cashiers must be courteous, have excellent speaking and communication skills and punctual. They should make their schedules according to the level of their availability. The cashiers, who are available for extra number of hours in addition to the defined schedule, are preferred on other candidates. Confidence is also considered an important personality trail during the interviewing procedure.