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Dollar General Corporation is a U.S based company which presents its customers the facility of shopping at its stores. This company has a head quarter located in Tennessee, U.S. The company started offering its services in the year 1939 and has its outlets at more than 11,500 different locations as noted down in the year 2014. The company was able to generate revenue of about $16.022 billion as noted down in the year 2013.

You can use the online website of Dollar General in order to apply for a job of your own choice or submit an application by hand in order to get a call for the job interview. The shortlisted qualified candidates are contacted using the contact information which they have filled in the application form and called for the interviewing procedure within one week after submission of the application.

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Interviewing Procedure:

Generally the interview consists of a question and answer session between Dollar General Managers and the shortlisted applicants. These sessions mainly consist of questions and answers asked within 20 t 30 minutes. Interviews are one on one and may consist of the following questions:

  1. What is the motivational force that drove you to work at Dollar General stores?
  2. Have you even been able to control a situation in which an angry customer arrived at the counter?
  3. Can you control theft related situations or call the security or higher authorizes immediately in such situation?
  4. What are the hours of your availability and will you be able to work in shifts?
  5. What is your expectation form this job?
  6. For how many years or months do you plan to work at the Dollar General outlets?

In addition to the one on one interviewing processes, Dollar General also asks its candidates to participate in interviews related to technical aspects of the job such as asking questions related to computer related knowledge, mathematical skills etc. these interviews may be conducted by panel of recruiting teams.

An Interview With The Recruitment Expert:

A manager at Dollar General was asked a number of questions regarding the hiring process and he answered these questions as follows:

  1. What are the qualifications and personality aspects in a candidate which makes them a better choice as an employee?

Answer: The first thing that can be observed in a person is his personality. The way he dresses up, speaks and conveys his idea is important for his selection.

  1. How do you expect the candidates to answer the questions in an interview?

Answer: The answers should be true, straight forward and concise. I test them with different questions to notice their expressions and the way of speaking.

  1. What are the questions that can be prepared by the candidates before showing up for an interview?

Answer: They should rest completely before coming for the interview, be well dressed and look calm and confident. The questions are generally simple and can be answered easily. Candidates are expected to deliver their honest opinions and true thoughts.