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Waffle house is a chain of restaurants which operates in the United States of America which offers its services and dishes at 2100 different locations. This company started in the year 1955 and has been able to produce revenue of about 1.1 billion U.S Dollars as recorded in the year 2012. The company has a head quarter located in Georgia, U.S. The restaurant presents its customers casual outlets for dining at the restaurants. The restaurant started its business with a variety of waffles and steaks on its menu. It was named “Waffles and Steaks initially but the name changed after a few years when steaks were removed from its menu.

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Job opportunities at Waffle house:

Waffle house presents a number of job opportunities at its official careers portal. You can apply for the job opening by submitting an application form and going through the interviewing procedure. The short listed candidates are called by the recruitment team for starting their job as an employee at this restaurant.

Tips For The Interview:

A number of questions are asked during interviews at Waffle House. These interviews are carried out by hiring manager or a panel of recruitment team. Some of the tips to perform well during an interview are given below:

  1. Prepare a general set of questions that an interviewer can ask you during the hiring process. Some of these questions are given below:
    1. At what position do you expect yourself to be in your professional life during the next 5 years?
    2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    3. What can you bring to this company and why should we hire you?
    4. Why have you selected this specific company to apply for a job?
    5. Do you have any previous experience of working at this position?
  2. Make yourself clear for the hiring managers and speak in such a way that your sentences are clear and concise.
  3. Be enthusiastic about the job and show that you are genuinely interested in this position.
  4. Convince the hiring managers that you will show a positive attitude towards the customers.
  5. Greet the interviewers at start and end of the interview to leave a good impression and follow up I order to remind them about your presence.

Interview of an employee:

To present the interested applicants an overview about the working environment and experience as an employee at Waffle House, a server was interviewed regarding his experience at this firm. These questions are listed below:

  1. What are your duties as a server?

Answer: I serve as a waitress at the restaurant. I take orders and make a communication bridge between customer and chef. I serve the cooked dish to the customers.

  1. How would you explain the steps of hiring procedure?

Answer: I submitted an application form. It was really tough to fill this form. After that, I was called for the interview. They need people at the entry level so they hired me after asking a few simple questions.