The internet users having interest in pursuing a career at Firehouse, can apply for a career opportunity using the online web portal of this company. They can apply for a career by submitting an application using the online portal and getting short listed for the interviewing process. This application can be submitted online a follows:

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  1. Go to the official careers portal where this restaurant offers the ability of applying for a career which is
  2. There are two ways to apply for a career opportunity which are mentioned as under:
    1. Click the “Find a location” button and look for the address of your nearest restaurant outlet. Contact the company’s official manager to ask him about the job openings and apply by visiting the outlet.
    2. Second method is to view the list of job openings at the bottom of this web page. Click the button indicated by “+” sign at right side of the job title. Read all the details about this job vacancy such as roles and responsibilities, required qualifications, qualities that are required in the candidate etc. Apply for the opening by sending your resume at the address
  3. Note that you have to add your previous working experience and the entire needed professional details as well as educational details in this resume. This will prove to be helpful for the hiring team in short listing you for the interviewing process.
  4. Note that each job opportunity has some special requirements such as requirement of travelling of the candidate from one location to another, the ability to work in subs and adjusting in the environment etc.
  5. You can search for the job opening by entering the location where you want to work or by specifying the postal code in the space bar which is given at the top of the web page that can be accessed by following [a] in step 2.
  6. The results displayed at the nest screen will mark the nearest outlets on map to provide you a satellite view of the locations where you can work.

Other websites having Firehouse career opportunities:

Some of the other websites where firehouse presents its career opportunities for the internet users are:

  1. Snagajob
  2. Indeed
  3. Hire Teen
  4. Simply hired
Some of the career opportunities for which you can apply and that are provided for the entry level professionals as well as fresh graduates are mentioned below:
  1. Team members
  2. Shift leader
  3. General manager
  4. District manager/ regional manager
  5. Franchise manager
  6. Assistant manager

The team members who work at the outlets of this restaurant get a starting pay of $8.00 per unit hour whereas leaders are offered a pay ranging from $8 to $10. The managerial positions are paid more than entry level jobs. Assistant managers get $25000 per unit year whereas general manager received a pay of $40,000 per unit year. In addition to these salary packages, Firehouse employees also get a number of other compensations and benefits.