Cato presents a number of latest fashion related items in its database such as clothes, foot wear, cosmetics, jewelry, sale and discount items etc. This company presents a careers portal for the job seekers having access to the internet portal.

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How To Apply For A Job At CATO:

For getting a job at this company, you can follow the steps which are given below:

  1. Go to the official website of this company where you can view a number of jobs available at this company which is mentioned below
  2. On this web page, click the link given by the statement “Click here” to view the PDF file of the employment form that is given here.
  3. Print out this application form and fill this employment form by entering the following information:
    1. Date of submitting the application
    2. Name
    3. Address
    4. Complete location
    5. Postal code
    6. Phone number (both landline and cell phone numbers)
    7. Email ID
  4. You have to submit the following job details at right hand side of the page:
    1. Job position for which you applied
    2. Expected salary
    3. Number of hours or days on which you are available
    4. Date from which you can start working
  5. Some of the e3ducational and professional details which are required here can be filled in the spaces given below:
    1. Educational qualifications form high school to graduation school and others
    2. Skills, applications and certificates
    3. History of previous jobs (maximum four previous jobs)
    4. Dates of employment and details about the employer
  6. Enter your name at the end along with the signature in the space bars given at the bottom of the web page.
  7. You can print out this form at the end in case you haven’t printed it out yet.

Searching for the job openings:

You can visit the company website presented by the link given in step1 in the previous section and apply for the job openings which are mentioned in the list given below:

  1. Sales associate
  2. Assistant manager
  3. District manager
  4. Senior district manager
  5. Store manager
  6. Regional vice president
  7. Territorial vice president
  8. Regional vice president in training and many more.

In addition to these careers, you can also look for the careers in corporate section by visiting the categories given at the left hand window pane under the section “Corporate”. The company presents a number of management related categories under the section “Stores” given on this web page. In addition to this website, you can also use the CATO institute job portal given by the link to look for the jobs given on this web page. This web page presents the recently opened job openings given under the list “Jobs available”. This website presents only the currently available positions and closed positions are not presented on this website. In addition to the job vacancy links, this web page also presents the requirement criteria for each of these jobs.

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