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Cashiers play an important role in the completion of daily tasks and fulfill their responsibilities in order to ensure the smooth functionality of the company’s outlet. This company has started a application submission procedure online to facilitate the candidates with this facility.

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Roles And Responsibilities Of A Cashier:

Cashiers are responsible for performing a number of duties during their working hours. Some of these duties are given below:

  1. Cashiers have to possess the skills and abilities of computing different mathematical expressions in order to make bills, calculate different prices of the products and other details.
  2. They should be able to handle complaints that are raised by different customers.
  3. Cashiers must provide assistance and required services to the customers.
  4. Making different money transactions and giving back the additional money to the customers.
  5. Answering the questions which are asked from them in case if a customer wants some help regarding products manufactured by this company.
  6. Timely provision of services and working according to the rules and policies of the company to ensure the smooth operation of the company outlet.
  7. Adding the records in cash register and making a guide of different prices of products.

Salary Packages And Additional Benefits:

The candidates having no experience or fresh graduates of college or high school are offered this job. They are offered a pay of $12.00 per unit hour. This pay may increase with the passage of time and addition of experience in the employee’s professional qualification. Some of the benefits that are offered to the employees having this job are mentioned as under:

  1. Enrollment for the basic life insurance plans
  2. Enrollment in the retirement plan such as 401(k)
  3. Vacations on which employees get paid
  4. Flexible working hours that can be scheduled according to the employee’s will
  5. Health care facilities and dental and visual facilities and many more.

Interview of an experienced cashier working at Dick’s:

Some of the questions that were asked from a cashier working at this company are mentioned as under. These questions were asked in order to provide a glimpse into the professional life of an employee working at this post.

  1. What are your comments regarding the working environment of the store where you are performing your duties?

Answer: I like the environment and I like the way people coordinate with each other to perform different tasks. The work place is a lively and comfortable place where you can work with a calm mind but environment gets fast paced and busy during the holiday season.

  1. Why do you like being a cashier at this company?

Answer: my favorite part about this job is that I wanted to remain occupied in the job during the working hours and being at a shopping mall, I remain busy because of the rush of customers on daily basis.

  1. What are your unique abilities which make you different from other applicants?

Answer: I have a previous experience of working as a cashier. Therefore, I knew the basics of this job even before getting hired.