At Walmart, specific people are hired for greeting different customers who visit the outlets. These Walmart greeters are responsible for opening doors and closing them and greeting the customers in such a pleasant way that they get encouraged to pay visits again.

Duties And Responsibilities During This Job:

Walmart greeters are responsible performing the following tasks:

  1. Assistance of customers in different tasks such as selection of carts, getting coupons and welcoming the customers in the Walmart outlets
  2. Directing the customers to different areas within the stores
  3. Cleaning the stores and other sections of outlets
  4. Security checking at some level and
  5. Performance of any extra tasks that are assigned to him by higher level authorities

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Salary Details And Extra Facilities:

Walmart greeters can get a number of employment benefits and salary packages from these outlets.

  1. One of the benefits provided to all the employees are retirement plans and programs in which they are offered with financial facilities during their retired age.
  2. Second advantage offered for candidates is the facility of taking paid vacations or off days.
  3. Another important aspect of being a part of the Walmart employment network is health care plans as well as medical plans. This company also offers dental facilities to its customers.
  4. This company also provides insurance benefits to its employees in addition to excellent salary packages.
  5. The company also covers visual checkups by the medical staff members of company so that employees may get complete free health facilities while working here.

An Interview From One Of The Walmart Greeters:

To have a more detailed view about the experience that greeters have during their appointment at this job, AOL asked one of the greeters a few questions. These questions are mentioned below along with their answers:

  1. During your working hours, what is the best experience that you recently had?

Answer: Recognition of my work by higher authorities. At Walmart, every employed team member’s performance is observed carefully and they are awarded with different certificates and cash bonuses in case if their performance is good.

  1. What is the boring or bad part of this job?

Answer: The working hours are hectic and you have to pay full attention during your duty. Except that everything is fine about this job.

  1. What is your expectation related to the money that you are making during the next one year?

Answer: I usually make $9 per unit hour and I am expecting to have the same salary during the coming year.

  1. Does the pay scale goes up or it remains the same?

Answer: They increase the pay with gradual increase in the level of experience. During the next 8 years, I am expecting to have a raise up to $12.14 per unit working hour.