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Foot Locker is true Sneaker’s lover. Company is only dreaming for to make best Sneakers products in all over the world. The only thing that company loves as much as sneakers is about people who love sneakers. Foot Locker’s team is dedicating its love for the sneakers since 1974. Company is offering good places to new people in their company if they have any heart connection with sneakers. The passion and enthusiasm in any person encourages the company to give him a chance to check the abilities.

Why To Work At Foot Lookers?

Company is providing different jobs offers at its stores and manufacturing department. They are hiring experts and experienced people in their company to take advantages of their skills. If you are ready to put your efforts to impress us then you can get higher position in our company on the behalf of your hard works. Company is giving equal opportunities to all people without any discrimination. They are providing local career as well as at their main office and stores. You can apply here for part-time and full-time job offers.

Explore Career Areas:

Before applying her for job you can check into the career area to choose the better positions in this company to start working here.

  • Foot Locker Stores
  • Local Stores
  • Shoe manufacturing Team
  • Design Manager
  • Technical Staff

How To Apply For Job Online?

Follow these simple steps for applying online for job.

  • Use this link and you can read details of the career.
  • You can get see here all useful links, click on the link How To Apply?
  • Click on the button “Apply Now” to see all hot jobs here.
  • On the next page enter keyword, job category, job location and department.
  • Enter on the button “Search” to get the result for job here.
  • Click on the job link to precede the applying method.
  • You can read job details and after that you can decide either you have to apply or not.
  • Click on the button “Apply Now”, login into your account by entering your email address and password if you are returning user.
  • If you are new here then create your online account to submit your application.

Application Process:

After applying her for job you have to wait for the company response. Company will send interview letters at your address to inform you interview details.

Important Interview Questions:

Here you can take help in preparing your interview by reviewing these important interview questions.

  1. What is most important in selling product to client?
  2. What you think of yourself that you are perfect for this company?
  3. Are you sneaker lover?
  4. Have you ever experienced foot locker sneakers?
  5. Any greatest strength?
  6. What you think about foot locker lifestyle?
  7. What outside activity you love the most?
  8. Why should we pick you from other candidates?
  9. How is important for you to work with comfortable worker?
  10. Have you ever worked at HR Department?
  11. What is important to handle complex clients?
  12. Sell this shoe to me?

Salary Review:

You can get here good salaries for monthly and hourly package. Company is providing you attractive wages to live good life.

Job listAnnual Salary Review
Sales Associate$20,000 
Assistant Manager$25,000
Store Manager$42,000 
Sales Lead$20,000
Assistant Store Manager$25,000 
Assistant Manager/Sales Associate$24,000
General Manager$48,000
Manager in Training$27,000
District Manager$83,174
Sales Associate$19,654
Merchandise Manager$72,481
Procurement Coordinator$40,849
Senior Programmer Analyst$100,978
Vice President Human Resources$214,771

Employee Benefits:

Foot Locker is offering attractive incentives and benefits for employees who are dedicating their services here. They can get here health insurance and wellness program for the health life of their employees. Employees are getting good pension plans, retirement plans in 401(k). They are also providing family and parenting facilities to you!