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Gap is all about fashion firsts. Company has started its journey in 1969 to make easier for customers to buy pair of jeans. Today GAP has brought so many changes in the fashion industry by designing stylish dresses. It is the only U.S Apparel Company, which has global appreciation for its all apparels. Customers can find cheap to luxury apparels at GAP stores. Company wants to make happy it’s all kinds of customers by providing them their in-range products. You can find GAP products at stores and different franchise locations.

Why To Work With GAP?

Gap is retailing outlet at its stores, and offering different jobs to help you in building careers. You can give fresh start to your career by joining this company. You can apply here for job for stores and office according to your skills and experience. GAP is providing you full scope for getting new skills at their company as an employee.

How To Apply For Jobs?

You can apply here for jobs by following this method:

  • Use this link to find jobs here.
  • On the page, see the search bar where you can enter keyword, work location, and press the button “Search”.
  • On the page you can see the available jobs here, to apply here for jobs.
  • Click on the link and read the job descriptions to get all details.
  • Next you can click on the button “Apply for job” to submit your application.
  • After that enter email address and press the button go.
  • And next enter your password to login into your account otherwise you can create new account here to submit your application.
  • You can link your account with any social account like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Application process:

After applying online application you can wait for the application response. At GAP is international company and it receives thousands of application for job posts. HR department of company will review all application to choose the right person for the job here.

Important Interview Questions:

To prepare you interview its necessary to know what kind of questions company will ask from you. You should learn some question’s answer to get this job. Interviewer will ask you job related questions and you working experience. You have to give me straight answers, not much descriptive. Take care of the date and time of you time and try to reach on time.

  1. Why Gap is attractive place for you to get job?
  2. Have you ever shopped at Gap stores?
  3. What do you think that what is important in selling product?
  4. How would to handle complex customers for choosing products at store.
  5. What will you do if inventory system suddenly stops working?
  6. Have you ever experience for wrong counting.
  7. What you can give to gap?
  8. Are you more task oriented person?
  9. Have your handled multitasking?
  10. Do you have other job or school commitments?
  11. What you most like for GAP brands?
  12. Describe GAP style?
  13. Sell this T-Shirt to me?
  14. Are you willing to work at night?
  15. How will you contribute with company?
  16. What are you availability hours?
  17. What is your favorite start icon from media?
  18. What you like to wear casually?
  19. How was your past job experience?
  20. How will you convince your boss for new idea?

Salary Review:

To get job here you can check whether company is paying you well or you. Gap is offering good salary package to its employee in return of their hard works. Here you can check annual salary package of the company.

Job List Annual Salary Report
Retail Sales Associate$20,000
Customer Service Representative$23,000 
General Manager$60,000
Merchandise Processor$25,000
Assistant Manager$37,000
Stocking Associate$20,000
Store Manager$50,000
Assistant Store Manager$38,000
Stock Supervisor$28,000
Loss Prevention Manager$37,000
Customer Service Associate$24,000
Visual Merchandiser$28,000
Sales Representative$25,000
Order Picker$23,000

Employee Benefits:

To get job here you can apply here online and you can check all employee benefits and advantages that company is giving to its employee. Here you check granted employee benefits:

  • Health Savings Account
  • Life Insurance
  • Occupation Accident Insurance
  • Fertility Assistance
  • Dependent Care
  • Commuter Checks & Assistance