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Before going for an interview at any of the organizations, the candidates need to get prepared for the employment assessment as well as the interviewing procedure to have greater chances of getting selected as an employee. You can use any portal for applying such as online job portal of the organization or submitting the application by hand.

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General Interview Questions:

Some of the questions that are asked in each industry by the interviewers in order to shortlist the applicants are mentioned below:

  1. What is your past experience of the job for which you are applying?
  2. What is the history of your work till now and why do you want to pursue this career opportunity in future?
  3. Why do you want to work in this company?
  4. Will you be able to fulfill the responsibilities which would be handed over to you during this job by getting a place for yourself to live?
  5. Are you legally enabled to work as a resident of the United States of America?
  6. Are you 16 years old or have greater age than that?
  7. What schedule would you suggest in case if we hire you at this company?
  8. How would you define your skills ass a team leader and a team player?
  9. Would you be able to accomplish different challenges while working in coordination with other crew members?
  10. What is your educational qualification and what are your plans for future?
  11. Have you any plans of moving to another place in future?
  12. Will you be able to choose the company’s interests over your own interests in case if you have to make one decision at some point?
  13. How would you evaluate yourself as an employee working at this position?
  14. Have you enough strength in your body to lift different loads from one location to another?
  15. Discuss the positions that can prove to e your dream jobs.
  16. Are you a person who has a view of all the details in a situation or do you usually see the bigger picture of a view?
  17. What are the reasons of choosing this field of work and the educational courses that you are currently studying as your majors?
  18. What makes you different from other applicants that makes you a quality candidate for getting selected here as an employee?
  19. Who is your role model and why is that?
  20. What were the reasons of leaving the last job where you worked?
  21. What did you learn during your last job or schooling?

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Note that the interviewers cannot ask the candidates any questions related to their medical disabilities and problems. It is not legally their right to ask any such question. Therefore, the applicants are professionally not obligated to answer any such questions. The residents who have eligible for applying for the job opportunities at any U.S based company can also apply for the work permit in case if they have an age of 18 years or more.

Some of the tips to impress the interviewers in order to get the job are given in the sequence mentioned below:

  1. Be comfortable while providing answers all the questions of the employer
  2. Answer all the questions confidently in order to present yourself in the best possible manner.

In addition to the expected questions mentioned above, interviewers may also ask questions related to technical aspects of the job which may vary from one position to another. The candidates may get interviewed a panel of interviewers or a single hiring manager who may ask different questions regarding the job for which he has applied.