Costco is the third largest retailer of United States warehouse which deals in the variety of merchandize. IT started its operations in 1976 and the headquarter of Costco is in Issaquah, Washington.

The products which Costco is selling now fresh produce, meat, dairy, seafood, fresh baked goods, flowers, clothing, books, computer software, vacuums, home appliances, home electronics, solar panels, jewelry, tires, art, fine wine, hot tubs, furniture and caskets

Costco has delicious items of bakery like cookies and cakes. Its specializes in chocolates and it serves its customers who need cakes on any special occasion like birthdays, weddings or any kind of gathering etc. You can easily download the form to give an order for your desired cake and fill it completely to drop it off to your nearest Costco store.

Cake Order Form:

To order a cake at Costco, following link can be used to download and print the form which can be then sent to the company to place an order. Form can be downloaded from the following link

  • At the top of the cake order form, you have to choose white cake or chocolate cake. White cake is filled with 2 lbs. Vanilla cheesecake mousse and iced with butter cream while other is filled with 2 lbs. chocolate mousse. You need to put a tick on the blank space given with them.
  • After that you will be given a variety of designs which you need to choose to decorate your cake. There are 27 designs from which you can select any one of your choice according to your likings or any specific event you are ordering the cake.
  • The list of designs include Balloons, Smiling sun, Dinosaur, Caterpillar, Beach, American Flag, Football, Golf, Hockey, Roses, Bouquet etc.
  • Then you can mention anything you want to be written on your cake. It is a message written on the cake for your loved one to wish him or her birthday or congratulate on the wedding or any kind of achievement.
  • There are also some seasonal designs which are not covered under those given designs that you select around the various holidays. For those seasonal designs you will have to refer to the photos that will be hanging in your Costco Bakery.
  • At the bottom, Member’s name and phone number are to be provided and with that information Date and Time for picking the cake up is written.
  • Company requires the order to be given at least one day before the day when you need cake. To serve the customers in best possible way, Costco needs to be notified about the requirement before one day so that a perfect order can be made according to the demand of the customer.
  • After filling the form completely according to your requirements in the cake to want to be made, you can place an order which should be given one day before you want to pick up your order.