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Cracker Barrel is one of the biggest chains of restaurants which operate in the United States of America. This chain of restaurant has hired about 70,000 employees to carry out different functions in the outlets. Some of these workers work on part time basis whereas others work permanently. This company hired applicants during the year to manage the tasks that are carried out on daily basis all over the year.

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Experience Of A Cracker Barrel Employee:

To have a better idea about the professional life at Cracker Barrel, one of the employees working as a busser at this company was interviewed and she answered these questions as follows:

  1. What is your job title and what are your tasks on duty?

Answer: I work as a busser and I have the tasks of keeping all the tables clean after the customers get up so that the restaurant remains clean for the next customers. I also keep all the dishes in the dish washer.

  1. How do you feel your working conditions were?

Answer: It was mostly pretty slow throughout the work days because fewer customers paid visit during the week days. It was fast-paced during the weekends though.

  1. What do you think was the most likeable thing about you working there?

Answer: The most likeable part was, with absolute certainty, the discounts that the employees got courtesy of working there. For instance we got discounted meals or even free meals. We also got discounts on the things that we bought in the gift shop, which was a part of the Cracker Barrel.

  1. Can you mention some of the questions that you were asked during your interview there?

Answer: I was basically asked if I could work in a fast-paced work environment and if I could do stuff like picking up heavy bus tubs etc.

  1. What are some of the things that you would like to share with the people applying for this job?

Answer: The most important thing is that anyone applying for any position should be well experienced in the field that he/she is applying for.

Expected Interview Questions:

Interviewers test the ability of candidates to work as a team member and to lead the team at some occasions. Some of the questions that can be asked by the interviewers during an interview are given below:

  1. For how much hours will you be available after your appointment at this post?
  2. Have you any previous experience of working at this position at some other company?
  3. How would you comment on your ability to handle stress or a complaining customer?
  4. How would you handle in case if you are handed over the responsibility of presenting different dishes to the customers?
  5. What was the reason due to which you applied here and not at some other company?
  6. What do you think is the unique thing about this chain of restaurants?
  7. What behavior would you adapt so that customers may pay a visit to this restaurant again?