Denny’s has an official web portal where candidates can visit and submit a job application by filling an employment form. This can be done by selecting a job opportunity on this web page. You can apply for a job opportunity according to your qualifications by going through the steps given below:

  1. Visit the official careers portal of this company which is On this web page, you can search for job openings according to your own choice by entering the keywords of job title in the first space bar and the location where you want to work in the second space bar.
  2. Note that this information must be entered in the window pane having a title “Search jobs”. Click the button having a title “Search” to submit these details in the system and look for available vacancies.
  3. Interested candidates can also view currently available job openings that are recommended by the system in window pane given at right hand side. This window pane has a title “Recommended jobs”.
  4. Each job is given along with a job title which serves as a link to the description of this job. At right side of each job, the place where each job is offered is also given.
  5. You can click the job title to apply for any job from this list or have a look at all the available job vacancies by scrolling down this web page and clicking the link “View all jobs”.
  6. Read the summary of the job for which you want to apply and click the apply button to submit your application online.
  7. You can also join the talent network at this company for having more chances of getting short listed for interviews while applying.

You can join the online portal of this company in order to receive notifications and alerts regarding the job openings in category of your choice at this company. These vacancies can also be shared with friends and other social media groups. The company also enables candidates to send the job opportunity to any contact via Email.

Experience as an employee:

One of the employees was interviewed at Denny’s to provide the interested candidates a better view at the career at this restaurant. The questions in this interview are mentioned below along with answers:

  1. At what job position do you work and what are your responsibilities?

Answer: I was hired as a host and I take orders from the customers. I greet them when they enter the outlet and enter their names after they enter the outlet. I make the tables available for them and make sure they get a clean place to sit.

  1. Describe the hiring procedure.

Answer: I initially submitted an online application but didn’t get a call so I submitted another application by hand. I handed over the application to the manager, who took a 20 minutes interview and asked a few simple questions like previous working experience, working environment, punctuality, availability etc.

  1. Do you have any suggestions for a job seeker?

Answer: stay calm and answer all questions while maintaining a relaxed environment. Tell them about yourself as much as you can but only mentioned the experiences that are related to your position.