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Kmart which is a departmental store based in America is a famous brand due to its discount rates on which people can get different items like clothes, footwear, beauty and sports items. Workers at the stores are doing their jobs in a professional way who give their customers respect and do nt leave anything in favor of them and provide services to them diligently.

Kmart allows everyone to join it by applying for the job at its stores. Employees at the Kmart are seen growing very early as there are opportunities in the company. Company welcomes more employees to join it as it has been expanding its business at a very fast rate which allows the employees to get progress as well. They can get some experience and based on it, they are able to get better working positions.

Kmart Stock Clerk

Stock Clerk is a person who has to perform a number of duties like keeping the store well – presented and provide customer service. To apply for this job positions you can simply visit the Kmart website where company gives the opportunity to apply for the job which is given below:

Qualifications of a Stock Clerk

  • He should have the ability to keep the data in an organized form.
  • A sharp memory is necessary as to remember the old files.
  • Communication skills to interact with the customers and written skills to present the documents well are required.
  • He should have a pleasant behavior too as he is required to talk to the customers and help them. In order to maintain a relationship with the customers, he must meet them with a smile and he should have an attitude to love his customers.
  • He must know how to use computer and he is required to be efficient in using MS Office to prepare documents.

Responsibilities of a Clerk:

The duties of a clerk at Kmart include;

  • Keeping all the files in an organized way. This would keep and see the old record always available whenever it is required.
  • He is responsible for reproducing the documents required documents for all staff.
  • Distribution of these documents is also the part of his job.
  • Before the distribution of the papers, their scanning and proofreading is also done by him.
  • All the mails are received by him which are sent by the customers or partners.
  • It is his job to keep the store clean and everything should be placed in a right way so that it looks good and eye catching to the customers.
  • Stock Clerks must be always ready to deal with the customers. They should provide their services whenever the customer is having problem. Clerks must resolve the issues.
  • Assistance of the other employees is also the job of stock clerks.

Salaries and Benefits

  • Stock clerks job is mostly at the entry level therefore most of them are not experienced in working and get the minimum wage which is increased as the experience of the clerk increases.
  • Those who have worked somewhere earlier and have some experience get more pay. An average pay of a stock clerk at Kmart is $9.00 an hour. Salary also depends on the location of the store. At some locations they might get more than that.
  • When a stock clerk gets the position of a full time employee, he then gets the better salary along with some other benefits. These benefits may include;
  • Medical Coverage
  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Vacations
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Discounts on the Kmart products

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