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Five Guys presents its customers the ability to apply for a number of career opportunities. You can apply for these jobs using the career portal by following the steps which are given below:

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  1. Go the careers website of this company offers a number of job opportunities which is below mentioned.
  2. On this website an email address is given under the title “Careers”. You can send your resume at the Email address.
  3. You can use this web portal to apply for corporate positions at the company.
  4. At the top of this website, there is a main menu bar where customers can view all the items in the menu of this restaurant and submit an order online.
  5. The restaurant also offers its customers a link to all the gift cards at Five Guys.
  6. You can also view all the locations where this company offers its dishes and services.
  7. You can also submit your feedback regarding the restaurant’s outlets by going to the “Contact us” option and clicking the link “Questions and feedback”.
  8. For being able to apply for job openings, you must fulfill the criteria for being eligible to get a work permit according to the law of government. For this, you must have an age of 16 years or more.

Job Positions For Which You Can Apply:

Some of the job positions for which you can apply using this website are given below:

  1. Crew members: Entry level candidates are hired at this post and they have different responsibilities such as serving the customers, taking their orders, cleaning the tables and outlet of the restaurant etc. At this position, the employees mostly earn between 8 to 9 US Dollars on average.
  2. Restaurant associate: Maintenance of the outlet and keeping a documented record of the entire inventory which is being used on daily/ monthly basis.
  3. Cashier: Making bills for the customers during their check-out from the restaurant and greeting them. Keeping a record of all the orders in the restaurants computer.
  4. Cook: Cooking different food items according to the recipe of the dishes and training other assistants and team members regarding the safety rules which are devised by the company for keeping everyone safe.
  5. Leader of the team members: Leaders are responsible to observe whether all the team members are working efficiently and meeting their scheduled tasks in time. The team members earn between 8 to 10 US Dollars on hourly basis on each working day.
  6. Hiring manager: These managers are responsible for recruiting other applicants who have applied for the job openings and short list the deserving candidates as the company employees.
  7. Assistant manager: Assistant managers are responsible for assisting the higher management hierarchy in carrying different tasks such as observing the performance of team members, keeping a check of their schedules, keeping a check on overall performance of employees as well as different company outlets etc.
  8. Restaurant manager: These managers are responsible for serving within an outlet of the Five Guys restaurant and are responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of all the customers.

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