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Petco is a leading pet store retailer in America which has been running more than 1300 stores all around the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Petco offers jobs in its stores at the retailers as well as at the corporate level for which online application can be made at its website. The next step after the application process is the interview for the job and you can get tips for the preparation of the interview here.

Important Points to Remember

Petco is searching for the employees who show through their attitudes that they aredetermined and energetic in nature. Their attitude helps the interviewer in making a decision about them. Time period for an interview in Petco is around 15 to 20 minutes in which questions about your own personality are mostly asked.

Questions about your education and past working experience are asked.You need to show the interviewer that you have communication skills as you will have to deal with the customers during your job therefore, you must have a pleasant and cooperative behavior which is necessary with the customers as well. You will be appreciated if you also have some knowledge about pets and their products and have experience in the grooming and training of the pets too.

Interview Question which are Mostly Asked

  • What do you know about Petco?
  • Why do you want to work for Petco?
  • What do you about a good customer service?
  • Do you consider yourself better than others who have applied for the job? How?
  • Will you be able to work in flexible time periods?
  • Can you work on weekends and holidays?
  • Define yourself in one sentence?
  • How can you provide your customer good service?
  • If a customer’s behavior is rude with you, can you handle him/her?
  • Which is your favorite pet? Why?
  • Do you have your own pet?
  • Do you try to give your own pet healthy diet?
  • If a customer brought in a pet that would not stop barking, an obvious disruption for our customers, how would you hold that situation?
  • If a customer brought in an untrained pet, and it had an accident on the floor, how would you handle it?
  • Tell me about that animal which you do not like?
  • Is there an animal which can create problem for you or you would not be able to groom, for whichever reason?
  • Have you ever cared for a lost animal, or volunteered at an animal shelter before?
  • Have you taken any training for the grooming of the animals?
  • When did you start grooming the animals?
  • Do you cooperate with your friends or family members to groom their pets?

Guides for the Interview:

  • You should know about the company. So, it will be beneficial for you if some have been done on the company.
  • You should know about the pets, the products related to them and their grooming processes. If you don’t have such knowledge, then do research on them before going for the interview. Chances of your selection will increase.
  • You must do some practice which will make you able to show the interviewer some confidence and your replies will create a positive effect on him.
  • Do reach on time otherwise you would lose half chances of getting the job.
  • You should be able to define yourself in an impressive way. You will be presented by the skills you own in speaking. Your behavior will explain your individual personality to him.
  • Keep an eye contact with the interviewer during the interview and you should have a smile on your face so that you can make an impression of having a good attitude.