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99 Cents only hires a number of managers for administering the work. The management team is there for managing all the levels of employees. This company hires a number of managers such as store manager for the outlet, assistant to the store manager, district manager etc. All of these management team members are required at different locations where 99 Cents only presents its customers the services and products offered by it.

Salary Details Of The Management Team:

District managers earn about 62000 U.S. Dollars on annual basis. This pay increases with the passage of time and gradual increase of experience. In addition to the salary packages, they are also offered a number of employment benefits such as registration for the retirement plans, medicare programs enrolment and many more.

Hiring Procedure:

All the candidates must submit the employment application after entering all the required details in the application form. These details include:

  1. Personal information such as name, contact information, address, residence etc.
  2. Professional details e.g. previous work experience, number of years that you spent while working etc.
  3. Educational qualifications such as degrees and certificates and future plans for further studies
  4. Times at which you will be available for work and availability to work in shifts etc

These applications may be submitted using the internet careers portal of the company or by handing over printed application to the concerned recruitment team at the company’s outlet where you want to present your services. You may get shortlisted for the interviewing process after one week or two.

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Interviewing Process:

The interviewing procedure can be one on one interview with the hiring manager or it can be an interview held with the panel of interviewing team. Generally, the candidates go through three interviews which consist of technical aspects of the jobs as well as informal questions related to the employment. Some of the expected questions that the interviewers can ask during this procedure are given below:

  1. Introduce yourself and tell us about your hobbies?
  2. Will you be available in case if called in an emergency or during your off timings?
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years?
  5. What would be your way of greeting customers so that they may pay a visit again to “99 Cents Only”?
  6. How would you face a situation if a customer gets angry?

Tips For Getting Selected For The Interview:

In addition to the preparation for above mentioned questions, you can also follow a number of tips and tricks in order to have greater chances of getting selected:

  1. Get dressed properly and in a formal way to present yourself in the best possible way
  2. Be confident while conveying your ideas and answering the questions of interviewer(s)
  3. Having excellent convincing and speaking skills and presenting the ideas in a polite manner
  4. Enthusiastic behavior is another personality trait which is observed by all the interviewers while short listing the candidates for job opportunities.