T.J. Maxxwhich has been doing the business in United States since 1976 mainly deals with the apparel and shoes of both the men and the women. Its operations has been spread all over United States which were started from Framingham, Massachusetts. Other products which are the part of the business of T.J. Maxx are kitchen utensils and other accessories, toys, beauty and bath products. T.J. Maxx has been operating in Germany, Ireland and Poland as well.

Different Job Positions:

T.J. Maxx offers jobs at its stores where people who are interested can apply at positions of;

  • cashier
  • clerks
  • sales associate;
  • Merchandise Associate
  • Customer Service representative
  • Store Manager and
  • Assistant Manager.

The purpose of continuous hiring of the new employees is to keep its operations going running at a good pace and expand the business by providing maximum customer service. Anyone can apply anytime for the desired position through the career webpage of T.J. Maxx or by visiting the store of T.J. Maxx.

Interview Process:

  • When the application process is completed, company starts screening of the applicants and search for the applicants who seem eligible for a particular job position is started.
  • Usually there is only a single interview done for the entry level employees as well as for the management level positions. Management and corporate level interviews may be sometimes more than one in number but this number of interview does not exceed above two.
  • Interviews are conducted at the stores of T.J. Maxx and applicants are interviewed by the supervisors, store managers or the district managers.
  • Interviews are of informal kind and simple questions are asked which may be regarding store management and customer oriented Maximum time for which the interview can be is 20 or 25 minutes.

Mostly Asked Question in the Interview:

  • Why would you like to work for TJ Maxx?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What do you know about TJ Maxx?
  • How do you see TJ Maxx related with your objectives of the career?
  • Do you think working in a team is beneficial?
  • Do you like to work as a leader or follower in a team?
  • Do you have any relative or friend working here at TJ Maxx?
  • How long do you see yourself working for TJ Maxx?
  • How you would be an asset to TJ Maxx?
  • What kind of person you are? Describe yourself completely.
  • Can you give an example from your work experience that shows your analytical abilities?
  • Can you describe a time when you had to be able to develop a working relationship quickly with someone?
  • How do you think a strong business relationship can be made?
  • What tools had you used earlier when a critical decision was to be made?
  • Share any decision you made which turned out to wrong later?
  • Have you ever had to face politics during your previous work experience?
  • How did you manage to avoid that situation?
  • What has been your biggest professional disappointment?

Important Guides for the Interview:

  • Before the interview, it is beneficial for the interviewee to have research about the company and its products.
  • Search about the job as well. You should know about the job descriptions and specifications.
  • Prepare a list of questions which are of technical nature and do some practice of these questions before the interview.
  • Think positive and be confident during the interview.
  • Ask questions from the interviewer about the job. This will show your interest for the job.
  • Dress appropriately during the interview. It is better to dress business casually.